Having a great mental attitude will determine your success. Napoleon Hill said “a positive mental attitude along with the habit of going the extra mile will bring you the favorable attention to those who can and will provide you with opportunities to promote yourself into a better circumstance.”

So whatever you choose to do in life, you should always take it ten steps further. If you are working in a profession that you enjoy and you would like to go further; do the things that will get you noticed.

If you are in sales make sure you are the top seller. Whatever you are doing, be sure that you are doing it to the best of your ability. So when promotion time comes you will be a shoe in for the position. If you own your own business and are providing a service for your customers, you must go the extra mile to show that you are grateful for your customers support and your extra efforts will be noticed and your customers will come back for more.

For example, my friend Lisa went to get a $15 hand car wash and the person that washed her car went the extra mile by doing more work to her car that was required of him, which was valued higher than the $15 car wash that she originally asked for. Lisa overheard his coworkers complaining about the extra work that the guy was doing for only a $15 wash. But what they didn’t understand was the fact that it was not about the price of the car wash. It is your name, it is your work ethic and the fact that you care enough to go the extra mile along with having a great attitude that will get your work noticed and it will influence people to respect your integrity.

Lisa ended up tipping him more than what the car wash was valued at. He didn’t know that she was watching, so he had no clue that he was going to be tipped well, but he took it upon himself to go the extra mile anyway. So, not only did he receive a good tip, Lisa also recommended him to all of her friends which meant more clients, business and income for him. So as you can see you never know how going the extra mile will help you out in the long run.

Another example, is my friend Marie who is in sales. She has a great mental attitude and she goes the extra mile for her clients everyday. She has more clients than all of her colleagues and because she goes above and beyond to ensure that her clients are happy, and it is reflected in her pay because she also is the top sales earner.

Napoleon Hill said “If you are doing no more than what you are being paid for then you are being paid for which you are entitled.” Which means that if aren’t going the extra mile and maintaining a great mental attitude then your pay will reflect exactly the type of service that you provide. Your mental attitude is key in your ability to succeed.

Try your best to maintain a great mental attitude and go the extra mile in order to go further in your chosen career or occupation or in order to grow and maintain your own business.

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