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    Abraham Hicks came up with a great game called the Magical Creation Box. A creation box is a place where you place all of things that would like to manifest into your life.

    First you must start by gathering magazines or going online to find pictures of the things that you would like to attract into your life. It could be a new car, a beautiful vacation spot, jewelry, a new home, whatever you desire.

    You can even write descriptions of what you would like to manifest and place them into your box. For example, If you are trying to attract a partner, you can write a list of the traits that you would like your partner to have and place them into your box.

    I personally love this game, because I have manifested several things from it. For example, I wanted a new table for my home. So, I went to my favorite furniture store website and I found a table that I loved, but I thought it was kind of pricey. A few weeks later I went to purchase the table because I couldn’t find anything else that compared, but the table was sold out. I wasn’t happy.

    So, I decided to print out a picture of the table just for fun and place it into my creation box. I forgot all about it, and then a few months later; I got an email from the furniture company for 50% off clearance items. I never look at these ads, because I never find anything that I want. But that day I decided to look and guess what I found, the table I wanted and it was 50% off, I couldn’t believe it. I bought the table right away and then when I went back to the site just to look at it again because I was in disbelief there was a big fat sold out sign written across it. I bought the last one. Very strange, but I was very happy; it just seemed like the table was meant for me. Then I thought about my creation box.

    In order to make your own creation box you must first buy a nice box, something that is attractive to you. Or, if you are crafty you can get a plain shoe box and design it the way that you like. The box above is an actual picture of my creation box.

    Then with the pictures and the words that you have written, you must drop them into your box and as you are dropping them into your box you must say “Whatever Is Contained In This Box IS.” Or you can write those words on a piece of paper and place it on top of your box or you can place the note inside of the box. It up to you it is your creation box.

    The purpose of a creation box is to find new ways to stay focused on what you desire.

    By placing all that you desire into the box it is a way of asking your Universal Manager for what you want and after you close the box you are releasing your desires into the Universe.

    Closing the box is a way of releasing resistance to what you want. Kind of like what I did. I asked for the table by dropping a picture of it into the box and then I forgot about it (releasing resistance) and a month or two later it appeared.

    I really enjoy this game and with the Law of Attraction, feeling good is the best and only way to attract the things that you want into your life.

    Sending Love and Happiness,




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