Hello my name is Shontel and my ultimate goal is to live my best life; before learning how to deliberately apply the Law of Attraction to my life, I felt like I was just existing. After watching the movie The Secret, I decided to find out more about the Law of Attraction and I told myself that I was going to master the Law of Attraction to create whatever I wanted and desired deliberately and not just by luck.

After a few months good things started to happen for me, small things like manifesting phone calls from people who I hadn’t talk to in years and other little things, a list too long to mention. Then as I became more comfortable, I decided I wanted to manifest bigger things like more money in my bank account, new furniture for my house, vacations etc, and with positive thinking and Law of Attraction; I have been manifesting and creating everything that I could possibly think of and it has been truly amazing.

I created this website because I figured there had to be other people out there that also wish to live their best life as well.

My goal is to reach people all over the world to share my knowledge of how to think more positively and to use the Law of Attraction to receive whatever it is that they want and desire. On my site you will see that I go a little more in depth and I talk about how to stay positive, being happy, finding your life purpose etc, because I believe that all of these things are needed in order to live your best life and to create what you want.

When you are happy you send out good feelings and vibrations out into the Universe and with the Law of Attraction good feelings are necessary in order deliberately create your desires.

I have also listed several mind games, all of which I use personally to attract what I want just to keep it fun, because as humans we tend get bored really fast and I feel mind games are a fun way to keep us focused on what we want while enjoying ourselves.

After learning how to deliberately apply the Law of Attraction, I realized that there is nothing that I cannot have. I do not like to write the word cannot, because I omitted it from my vocabulary. But I am writing it to make my point.

You CAN do or have anything that you want!

I am learning more and more everyday and as I learn, I will share with you.

So, if you have any questions or comments in regards to anything that you read on my site feel free to contact me. I would absolutely love to hear from you!

Sending Love and Happiness,





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