Are you aware that all human beings are born with a guardian angel and some are assigned more than one. I first discovered that I had a guardian angel during a reading with a psychic medium. I was informed to call upon her whenever I needed help with anything. I felt very good after receiving this information; it made me realize that I was not alone and that I had help from higher forces.

Angels are here to guide us but they can only intervene into our lives if we ask for help, due to the fact that we have free will and have the right to choose how we want to live our lives. The only way that angels can intervene into our lives without our asking; is if we are in a near death situation and it is not our time to go yet. Since angels are sent to us by God, when we pray or ask for help from them it is really no different than praying and asking for help from God or whomever you may pray to because all prayers are always answered, it doesn’t matter whom you ask for help. Sometimes our prayers will be answered right away and sometimes it may seem to take awhile. But our prayers are always answered in some way or another. Sometimes we just need to stop and listen or interpret the signs.

The signs that we get from our angels or higher beings are to remind or comfort us by reassuring us that they are with us at all times. Some people see certain things repeatedly like pennies or dimes in several different places, some see feathers and some see clouds in shapes of angels whenever they need comforting the most.

If you are having trouble believing or if you would like more confirmation that you are being guided or watched over; you can ask for confirmation. You can mentally say to yourself “If you are with me, please send me a sign.” Then you must pay attention because when you least expect it; you will get your sign.

Some people receive signs in the form of a sequence of numbers. Some people see 222, 333, 4:44, 111, or 11:11. It can be any repeated number that you see on a daily basis and when you see these sequences of numbers pay attention, these signs are to remind you that your angels are with you at that moment and your thoughts and your prayers have been heard and answered and you should keep positive thoughts about your current situation. When you see any sequence of numbers or if you overhear someone’s words that clicks with you or when you hear a certain song on the radio that resonate with you pay attention, because these are all ways that your angels can try to communicate answers to you.

The answers to your question may come through other people or you will see signs on the street or hear certain words in songs. For example, I left a good tip for a waiter one day at a restaurant, some may say I over tipped but I didn’t feel that way, something just felt right about it. As I was driving home, I passed a building and on the top of the building in bright blue lights there was a sign that said “YOU WILL BE BLESSED FOR YOUR GIVING.”

I’ve passed by that building several times and I never notice it before and something told me that due to the fact that I was seeing it for the first time that day, that the message was intended for me which made me feel really good. Once you start asking for help, you will start to notice different signs. Always remember nothing is a coincidence. As the old saying goes “everything happens for a reason” we just have to pay attention and figure out how the signs apply to our lives.

Angels can assist us with every area of our lives. They can help to heal ourselves and our loved ones. They can help with finances, locate missing things. They can help with anything, no job is too big or too small. All you have to do is ask. There are also additional Archangels angels that you can call upon whenever you need help with specific areas in your life. There are several, but I am only going to name a few.

There is Archangel Michael who is the leader of the Archangels– His main goal is to clear the earth of fear. You can call upon Michael to clear you of any fears. You can call upon him if you are in need of direction in regards to career change or spiritual growth, or if you want to feel safe or to ask for safety for your loved ones. You can also ask Michael to clear your home of negative energies. I ask him daily to protect me and keep my family safe while at home or while driving. You can also send Michael to the sides of your loved ones to keep them protected as well. You can call upon Archangel Michael for anything even to help to fix appliances. I asked him for help fixing my kitchen sink and the answer came to me in a matter of minutes and I was able to fix it right away. No job is too big or small, just ask and you will receive your answer.

Archangel Raphael whose name means “God Heals” Raphael is a powerful healer. Raphael can assist you with the healing of any ailment that you feel that you may have, all you have to do is ask. You can also send Raphael to the sides of your loved ones if they are in need of healing; it doesn’t matter how far away they are. People who are suffering from any type of addictions can also benefit by calling upon him. You can also ask Raphael to assist with the healing of your pets. Or, to assist you as you perform healings on yourself, clients or family members.

Archangel Gabriel is known as the messenger of God. Gabriel can assist in all matters when it comes to children such as child conception, adoption etc. Gabriel can also help when it comes to dealing with a difficult situation in regards to raising your children. If you have any issues with your child you can ask Archangel Gabriel for help, you can even send her your to your child’s side whenever you feel that they are in trouble, sad or just need help in some way. Gabriel is also the angel of creativity and purifying your thoughts and your mind. Gabriel assists writers, teachers and communicators. If you need help writing a book ask her for assistance and she will guide you with thoughts and ideas for your writings.

Archangel Chamuel whose name means the “Eyes of God” Chamuel provides comfort and protection. You can call upon Chamuel if you need help with a current relationship, finding a soulmate or just feeling more love, joy and gratitude. Chamuel can help you to find any misplaced item. If you’ve misplaced something, just ask where is it and Chamuel will assist you with locating it.

Archangel Jophiel, whose name means “Beauty of God.” Jophiel can help you to clear your mind from negative thoughts in order to bring your thoughts into a higher vibration so you will be able to manifest your desires.

Angels live a dimension that doesn’t have any restriction on time or space so they can be with several people at the same time. So do not worry if you need to call upon them to be with you and others at the same time. Remember no question is too big or small just ask and it will be answered. I’ve noticed that once, I started to practice the Law of Attraction along with asking my angels for help; I was easily able to release fears. By actively using these two methods caused me to feel better and once I felt better, my vibration rose which allowed me to manifest faster.

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