Hello All,
Here are a few of my previous clients testimonies of their experiences with my Law of Attraction Life Coaching Program. I am still amazed, humble and thankful for all the positive feedback that I have received by simply doing what I love. Enjoy ;)

Hi Shontel! It was so nice working with you!!! Working with you made me realize i had a lot of stuff i needed to get through. I am so grateful for you and i guess i won’t be able to email you anymore but thank you for guiding me the right way. I knew the law more than anyone and yet i couldn’t apply it. You’re the first to help me understand what i truly knew and helped me apply it. I will use you for future work if that’s ok?


When Grace came to me, her desire was to manifest her ex back. She had a lot of doubt and fears in which I helped her overcome with several exercises, which was necessary before she entered in to the manifestation process.

Here is an update from Grace a few days after we worked together.

Because of you and your blueprint my life completely changed! We met today and we had the best day ever!!! We took this picture today when he took me out for lunch ❤️❤️❤️ (picture omitted for privacy).


Hello Shontel,

I just wanted to say thank you as you’ve been a real friend to me throughout this, and I hope that isn’t overstepping as I know this is a professional relationship. Please forgive me if it’s is. I’m very grateful to have found you and thank you for all your efforts. You reply so quickly and with so much detail. You obviously really want to help and do know what your doing!

United Kingdom

Hi Shontel,

I would like to thank you for these past three weeks and let you know that you have not only helped me learn how to deal with this little problem, but you have also given me tools that I know I will use for the rest of my life, and for that I will be forever grateful. I am sure that all of your clients must think that you are some sort of angel, and I do too! I am so happy that I stumbled across your website and that I was able to find you. From the bottom of my heart, thank you.

Best wishes,


Aloha Shontel,

I am so grateful that I have found you!! I am seeing small changes every day. I KNOW I am on the right track.
My vibration continues to increase and I am happy with the changes.
So…I’m keeping with the releasing fears and doubts stage at this point. It’s very important. Your exercises and activities are helping me very much.

New Jersey

Hi Shontel,

I know that today is our last day and I wanted to thank you for your LOA blueprint. It has really helped me a lot in reprogramming my beliefs and changing my mindset in order to manifest my dream career.

United Kingdom

Hi Shontel,
I’m writing to you once again to thank you. Again!
I first contacted you maybe 2 years ago and you helped me with my ex. Then in August 2016, I contacted you again. I was in a really bad place. My daughter was having a hard time, My girlfriend had broken up with me, family and friends had passed away and I felt low in confidence and generally unhappy.

You gave me tool to use and let me know that my happiness and my life was in my own hands (to put a short version on it)
I had contacted you again to let you know things were going well, my ex had tried to contact me and said she missed me but I was happy on my own so I didn’t go back there, I had been promoted at work also and was feeling happier.

I continued my daily rituals using the methods that you taught me such as visualizing and meditating etc. Well I have just been made manager at my job. I got it a week ago.

As well as this, my daughter is working part time and is in college now but I think I may have told you this last time. She’s great :-) The other thing is someone came into my life when I least expected it and I am in the most balanced and loving relationship that I have ever known.

I want to thank you. I am so grateful for you. You gave me the knowledge I use now and I can’t thank you enough. My life feels amazing.


Hello Shontel,
Everything is going very well .. I am starting to feel better and lighter .. thanks for all your help!


Thank you so much, Shontel!
I will continue to work with the LOA Blueprint that you have given me. It’s very informative and well thought out. I appreciate your very kind and thorough answers to my questions. Happy Holidays!


Hi Shontel,
I hope to make further progress under your powerful guidance! What I realized is that –following guidance and trying hard is the key to manifest. Your Blueprint is great”

A girl from Hong Kong!

Hello Shontel,
Thank you so much for all of your help!!!! And yes I will be back!


New Jersey, USA

Thank you so much for our phone coaching session the other night. Since then I’ve becoming more powerful over my thoughts even my dreams have become positive.”


Dear Shontel,
It’s been a few weeks since we had our phone coaching session. You gave me great advice and told me I was on the right path. I continued to do all the work and listened to the advice you’ve given me. A few days ago my ex boyfriend unblocked me and messaged me that he wanted to talk.
He told me how he missed me and wanted to spend the rest of his life with me. We got to catch up and came to find out he’s been following the law of attractions since 2001 but never told anyone. I continue daily to do my meditation that you taught me. I am so grateful for what I have in my life.
Thank you again so much for all your advice.

New Jersey

Thank you Shontel for ALL of your help and always answering my emails right on time! It’s comforting to know you’re always available when I need you! I am so thankful for you!


Thank you so much Shontel!!!
It’s always a pleasure working with you. You’ve changed my life around and I’m very grateful that I was able to work with you!! Thank you for being such an inspiration!!


Thank you Shontel. I appreciated all of your help, you have helped me change my life you’ve gotten me through some of the hardest moments of my life and I will be forever grateful for that!
Thank you!!!


As a student of LOA and Metaphysics, I found my correspondence with you to be of tremendous value. It was wonderful to correspond with someone who shares in the beliefs of the unlimited abilities that we as human beings possess. You have offered a wonderful channel for a very purposeful transformation of the human spirit. I am so happy that I took the opportunity to connect with you. I was able to further expand my own thoughts and create new avenues for desired manifestations. Your kindness, compassion and knowledge could be felt within your words. Thank you so much, Shontel, I am forever grateful your assistance.
I look forward to co-creating with you again!


Dear Shontel,
Thank you always encouraging me:) I will be ordering two new programmes from you soon. I am very excited to begin the new year ahead! Finally, I have found my happiness by making myself a priority! Thank you so much once again and I look forward to speak to you again soon!
Thank you for being there during my darkest moments.

R. J.

Hi Shontel,
Things are going well, I’m shocked, stunned and amazed at how powerful the LOA really is. I’ve always believed it and have tried implementing it into my life at times however i have never experienced it so precisely as I have over the past 2 weeks of my coaching program.
As soon as I began the ‘allowing process’ of the LOA Blueprint that you created for me, I felt happy, joyful and free. Then within 24 hours my ex had contacted me.. We spoke on the phone for a little while and it was a nice conversation however he stated that he still was unsure about how he felt (that was on Monday). Then yesterday he contacted me again and then today again! Today (only moments ago) he asked if i was still keen to “take things slow” and see where it goes. He said he misses me and thinks about me everyday so he’s certainly determined to give it another go.
We’re not back together, just agreeing to spend some time together and explore where it could lead us but regardless I’m feeling very optimistic and positive about the whole situation, regardless of whether we remain together or not.
The whole process has just helped me become a happier person overall and I’m extremely grateful for you help, encouragement and guidance.
Thank you Shontel, I’ve really enjoyed the past 2 weeks of my Coaching program & couldn’t be happier : it was your suggestions and activities that got me to a place where I could feel happy & free.


I also just received a text from my ex saying he’d like to start seeing one another (exclusively).
Thank you once again Shontel, if I ever need help manifesting anything else into my life I will definitely be in touch.

With Love,

Hello Shontel,
I just want to thank you again for your quick response to my payment and sending the questionnaire, I have been meaning to work with you for about five months but have been putting it off, but I decided that I want this year to be different so I made it my business to pay for the coaching so that I can start yielding results.
Update after Coaching Program:
Thanks a lot Shontel, I really appreciate your support. I manifested £500 in extra shifts which will help with the costs of my start up I’m currently trying to manifest smaller amounts that will lead me up to the £50,000 needed. I am also developing my mindset by listening to a motivational speaker daily and continually assessing my success strategy. I will definitely be working with you again in future!
Thanks a lot Shontel May God bless you and spare your life so that you continue to be fruitful. Good people like you are a rare treasure meant to be appreciated :)

Lots of love
United Kingdom

Hi Shontel,
I wanted to thank you for your emails! It helped me a lot and I will definitely get back to you with updates and if I need assistance and coaching in the future!

You are an amazing person! Please continue helping people like me! I cannot thank you enough!
Have a great day!

Best regards



Dear Shontel,
I am indeed very grateful to you for showing me a beautiful path towards the law of attraction. Without you, this journey wouldn’t have been possible for me.

I cannot express with words to you how relaxed and beautiful I am feeling after doing my regular sessions. Thank you for your supportive answers. Every time I write to you I get a Moral boost to do more and more.

Thank you Shontel, thanks a lot. You will always remain an angel in my life come what may.

“Thank you for your help and all your advice. It may be a good chance I’ll come back to you for another course/blueprint in time!”

Thank you so much Shontel for everything! I’m sure you’ll be hearing from me before I head off to the UK with an amazing story to tell. So far you’ve changed my life and my close friends & family can see it.
I can’t thank you enough!!

England UK

Hi my Testimonial
My experience with Law Of Attraction.

A year ago this time, I was perplexed and clueless with my life. Nothing appeared to go my direction. I wanted to run my own business but my parents pressured me to get a job and due to the failure in my exams further added to my woes. Nothing appeared to work the way I wanted. I was depressed and down and out when my Friend told me about “The Law Of Attraction”. The idea of the Law of Attraction captivated me and henceforth I chose to research more about it on Internet. My life truly changed when I searched and came across this awesome blog on Law Of Attraction.
Implementing the Law of Attraction was not a simple errand at first some or alternate deterrents should come in my direction. I was using The Law of Attraction but at the same time I had apprehensions and uncertainty on the achievement of my goals, and thus the Law of Attraction truly never worked the way I needed.

Uprooting fear and apprehension wasn’t simple, but Thanks to Shontel, the creator of this site whose tips and guidance truly helped me to conquer my trepidation and adversity.
In the wake of conquering my fears and by then utilizing of the Law of Attraction every day I then saw a gigantic growth in revenue of my business. Between September 2014 to December 2014 my revenue increased in excess of 5 times. I visualized my objectives regularly without any uncertainty of its prosperity and met my goals month by month with ease.

I Thank Shontel from my heart for turning my life and I plead anybody implementing the Law of Attraction to never lose hope, never doubt your success, just believe and everything will fall into place. Cheers.


This is to inform you that I successfully applied LOA and achieved my desired goal in the month of October. So Thank you for the support and everything. Thanks LOA and again Thank you for again for all the tips you gave till date :-)


Hello Shontel,
The advice you have given me to become positive subconsciously really helped me get out of a negative flow of thoughts.
Well thank you so much for being my company through this epic journey for happiness! Right now I’m on a quite positive state for the last two days… I would like to believe that it is because I attracted health (I threw off a fever of 38.9 degrees in a day :) Basically everything has just gone right for me…. What really helped for me are your tips of self affirmations..
I cannot thank you enough :’)
Even that I didn’t meet you I feel ever so close to you, not only because we are all interrelated but you really did listen to what I said and helped me out.

Hope you have a awesome day,
Thank you for everything!
Will Power,

Thank you Shontel for all your help so far, I am extremely grateful! I will let you know how things go in the future. I use the affirmations you recommended all the time as they help me so much!
Thank You!!!!!

New York

Hi Shontel,
Thank you for my LOA Blueprint and all of your recommendations. I am doing a lot better! You’ve been a great help to me!

New Jersey

Hello Everyone,
I am Candy Joseph, from India, I am very glad to share my testimony, with you all.
I have been in contact with Shontel Williams since November 2013. The way I came to know Shontel is through the internet.
Shontel, she is my dearly guiding Angel, at every step of my difficult situations. She has given me the right affirmations for the right situations and encouraged me that I can have all that I need and want in my life.
The major problems I had with my husband and child.
I was very much worried all the time, about my husband’s negative behavior, towards my child.
I shared everything with Shontel in the mail and I was very pleased by her mail, the way she had given me strength, and made me realize that 1st I am a mother, then a wife, and I felt very good when told me in her mail, that second I am wonderful woman, I felt peace and happiness in my heart. No one appreciated my human being as woman.

Shontel told me in the mail to say my affirmations for a good loving and caring husband.
I believe in my prayers from my childhood, and I am blessed with many good things in my life.
But since I came to know more about the Law of Attraction from Shontel. I am very glad and very happy to use the law of Attraction and with her good suitable affirmations and suggestions in regards to the things that I wanted was really effective.

1. I wanted my hubby to behave well with my child and with me.
There is a positive change in him. I am very thankful to Shontel.
2. I wanted a job since my hubby is working in Abu-Dhabi and I wanted be busy with counseling job in a school. Shontel taught me how to properly visualize what I wanted. And I got the job.
3. I also wanted a 2 wheeler to ride to my job. I practiced on my father-in-laws old vehicle, then I put into practice all the things I learned, then my hubby told me on the internet while chatting to get a new one. I then bought a new 2 wheeler for my ride to school and I’m very happy with it.
4. And also I had problem with my in-laws which I shared my situation to Shontel in the E-mail and I did it just as she told me to do.

They are better with me now. They cooperate well with me now.
I am doing very well with every situation, by following my dear friend’s Shontel advice.
I am grateful and thankful that I found such a loving and caring secret friend and secret Angel in my life. I am very happy to follow all her instructions, because there are amazing results in my life.
Thank you all for spending your valuable time with my testimony.

With love and prayers,

Candy Joseph.

Shontel……THANK YOU!
Last time I wrote u about my business, I am now benefiting. I would like to say thanks to you for giving me wings and way to fly.


Hello Shontel,
I just wanted to give you an update on my progress I’ve been doing so much better and been experiencing so much positivity from the universe since I’ve been meditating and applying LOA on a daily basis. Now I’m only human and I’ve had my slip ups of negative thinking since its been a bad habit since childhood but I feel so good so positive (I’ve suffered with depression, anxiety and panic attacks simply being the most negative thinker ever) I want to thank you because if it wasn’t for your words of advice I don’t think I would be feeling this great right now.

Long Beach, CA

I just want to thank Shontel for the advice she has given me on manifesting my relationship back with my ex. Her methods work. I stayed positive and I get positive results. My ex and I have been broken up for two years but we still are in contact with each other. I was so afraid of losing him permanently that all of my fears were becoming my reality. I came across this website and asked Shontel a few questions. I put her advice to use and have gotten positive results. Thank you again Shontel for the advice you have given me.

United States

Hi Shontel,
My ex and I are back together thanks to your amazing tips! We are now starting fresh. I am staying positive!
Now it is time for me to stay happy, to love my relationship and look forward to the future.
Thank you so much Shontel, for all the help and support you have given me.
I will keep you updated on our relationship.
Thanks again. With light and love,

Manchester, UK

Wow, what powerful suggestions… Exactly what I needed to hear.
Thank you so much from the bottom of my heart. I’m very grateful that I found you and received your wonderful advice.
Sending you love and respect…


Hi Shontel,
You’re awesome for doing what you do. You inspire me, really.
Thank you,


Dear Shontel,
my friend and I are talking again. Thank you very much. Your suggestions allowed her to come back to me.
Thank you

Hello Shontel,
Just want to say thanks for guiding me in using the Law of Attraction to manifest my exact travel plans. My budget was $1000.00. I was able to arrange flights and a rental car for nine days within that limit. Thanks!

Puerto Rico

When Michael came to me he needed to pass a test for work or he would face termination from his place of employment. He took the test twice prior to joining my coaching program and did not receive a passing grade. He already had his third test scheduled and I advised him to reschedule so that I could create a personalized detailed LOA Blueprint for him to follow so that he would have enough time to clear his fears and manifest his desire in which he agreed. After our session was over and after he followed all of the steps given to him during our coaching session, I received this email from him on the same day of his test.

Hi Shontel I just got out of my test and I passed.
You defiantly got me on the right path and I will continue to use your service to achieve more in life.
Thank you so much I’m so happy to have found you I’m definitely going to continue working with you until I’m the best me


New York

It will be great to rejoin your sessions as I enjoyed it throughout. Next month I will be rejoining the coaching sessions. Till then I must do whatever you have taught me till now to enjoy bliss in my life. Have a nice month ahead. It was a superb experience!

Trip for Joy,


Hi Shontel,
Today is the last day for the coaching programme. I would love to thank you for all your help and support during the coaching period, and for being a great coach!


Hi Shontel,
I am sure you are in touch with a lot of people so I’m just going to tell you a little bit about me..
I joined your coaching program three times last year.

First was to help me to get back with my ex. We worked on some things and she came back.

Then after that I needed help with my daughter which you gave me some good advice on. She was running away, skipping school, hanging around with bad people and even self-harming and she was arrested twice too.

Then in August my relationship broke down again. I was feeling awful. I wanted her back so badly and I really felt very down. You talked to me a lot and I saw that I needed to get myself to a place where I was just happy. I felt a bit lacking in confidence at work and just in general.

You helped me to work on my vibration and then in my final week you sent me a blueprint to help me to get back together with my ex.

Well here’s an update:

My daughter has been accepted into college. She is working really hard in her final year at school and she has a really nice boyfriend and a couple of good close friends. She is happier than I have ever seen her. She is so responsible and respectful like she used to be before she went on the wrong path. She makes me proud Evey single day.

Me, well I got promoted at work, I got a new car and I have been meditating daily and just feeling happier than ever. I decided not to work on getting my relationship back because I wanted to have myself at a place where I am 100% happy first and then when I got to that place I just realised that there had been far too much hurt there for me to want to put myself through it again. I still miss her and I still love her very much but I finally love myself again now and I think that’s more important.

Anyway I just wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart.



Thank you so much Shontel.

I went through the Blueprint and I must say that I’m already feeling positive and in good spirits. I’m grateful that I found you Shontel. From here on its only going to be better and bright days for me.


Thank you. Just thank you, thank you, thank you. I came to you and I was in a bad way. I was distraught. My girlfriend of two years broke up with me after me thinking and imagining it happening for weeks. Months even. It happened. It wasn’t the first time either.
And it wasn’t all that was wrong and bad in my life. I had been feeling unappreciated at work, at home and with friends as well as with my daughter and my relationship with the love of my life I just wanted to be happy. I wanted my life back, my girlfriend, my one, I wanted her back and I wanted happiness. I wanted to feel happy and secure and for my daughter to get herself on the right path too. The love of my life broke up with me. Then two weeks later my Nana died then the following week my best friend died suddenly and the same evening my other friends baby died.
I felt like there was just bad news and sadness at every turn. You listened to me. You were honest with me and you never ever fed my self pity. I’d ask you a question and you were 100% honest with me at all times. You gave me a LOA Blueprint to follow so I could get myself happy first of all and feeling get secure and appreciated.

Then you gave me another one to work on for getting the love of my life back. So I went along with this blueprint and all of a sudden I got an interview at my job… I get promoted and a raise. I had two friends reach out and get in touch with me again, my daughter starts wanting to spend time with me, I was working on raising my vibration. Well it truly raised anyway. I was selected for a temp role at my Job a couple weeks later along with two others. That role ended last week and in our feedback I was the only one named personally for how good I was and how well I did. I have never felt more job satisfaction in my life. I have made so many friends and feel so much more confident in last three weeks than ever before.
I could go in further here but I just want to say thank you. I feel so happy I can’t describe. You tell the truth Shontel and for that I will forever be grateful. You told me that I am a worthy person and deserving of happiness. Now I believe you. Now I am happy. You gave me a week long blueprint also do that I could manifest the love of my life back to me…. It worked. It worked. I am the love if my life. Thank you thank you thank you. I got me back. I found me.



Shontel’s LOA course works like a charm. During our Phone Coaching session, she taught me step by step of how to manifest things that i truly want. She told me what I was doing right and what I was doing wrong. I was skeptical at first, but the next couple of months things started to happen. I passed my exams, expanded by consultant business and made a lot of clients, and found love. All of these are things that I truly want and have finally have because I have successfully done LOA correctly. LOA is an art and a skill that requires the teaching of a true master like Shontel. Many thanks for teaching, I will keep using this throughout my life.

God bless

Hello Shontel,
Thank you so much for your help during my two week coaching session. Your advise really helped me.


Hi Shontel,
Before I start, let me thank you again. I really love this new version of me! People can see the change in me as well. I notice they are more friendly to me.
I’ve always considered myself a very positive, loving, caring, kind, and gentle person. But I never felt like I could get the Law of Attraction to work for me. One day, I Googled Law of Attraction. I came across the website The Secret to Living the Law of Attraction, and Shontel.
Initially, I enrolled for a two week coaching session. First, I learned the Law of Attraction always works for you, no matter what. It just depends on the thoughts you are sending to the universe. Shontel gave me some very specific exercises to do. I was shocked when I realized the hundreds, maybe thousands, of times per day I was letting negative thoughts and feelings creep into my head. Within a few days, I knew I was going to extend my enrollment.
It’s now been about four weeks, and the transformation I’ve seen in myself is stunning. Shontel taught me how to release all fears, doubts, and negative thoughts, which you must do prior to manifesting your desires. Of course, I have again extended my enrollment. I know I won’t require Shontel’s services forever, but I know I will be forever grateful for Shontel, and the changes I, with her help, have made.

As far as my finding Shontel, I would rank it right up there with the birth of my children, as the greatest things that have ever happened to me in my life. I did tell Shontel, I was just going to keep re-subscribing forever. I am 100% in love with the new me! Thank you Shontel!

Chuck M.
Worley, ID

I’ve been thinking about finding someone like you for months and I am so happy and I do feel confident in getting a hold of this.


I feel that I have totally detached. I am me now. I am the me that I use to be, only better. This process has just caused me to become such a different person. More aware, more in tune, and more focused. I’m so happy and joyful. I fact, I often get asked what I am up to because of the grin on my face. I feel amazing. Thank you for helping me in this process.

“I do feel better already, I can talk myself out of negativity especially about my confidence, I am using the affirmations and truly believing. It’s strange as a few friends have complimented me this week, saying things like I like your hair, my hair is no different to last week but it’s almost as if there’s something about me that’s different but they can’t quite put their finger on it! Thank you so much for all of your help, it all makes so much sense and it’s great to have the blueprint to refer back to when I need to.


Hello Shontel.
I manifested my ex back!
My girlfriend and I met up yesterday. We talked and she told me she wants to make us work. She said she loves me and misses me and wants us to be together. How this came about was from following your steps you sent me.
I know that if I hadn’t followed your steps and guidance that I would be in the exact same place I was in before- wondering what’s wrong with ME, missing my girlfriend, sad, lonely and hopeless.
There is still a lot of work to be done to rebuild our relationship but I believe it can be done.
Thank you, thank you, thank you.


Hi Shontel,
Everything that I am learning here has really helped me so much.
Just to give you an update, since I’ve started this I’ve been in a much better place mentally and emotionally. I’ve talked to my boyfriend a couple of times within the past few days and the energy has changed drastically between us to a more positive and happy mood.
Overall though, I’ve been feeling great! Thank you so much for the L.O.A. Blueprint… I am more confident each day that everything that I desire is already mine. Shontel, it has truly been a pleasure. You’ve helped me already so much within the week that I signed up. I definitely got so much out of this program. I was so down before I contacted you. Now I feel so much stronger!
Thank you soooo much Shontel! You have truly been a blessing :)
I will do all that you’ve recommended!
Beautiful and great blessings to you!


Hi Shontel
Thank you for the blueprint. I’ve read it and it’s amazing.
Thank you,

United Kingdom

Your program has definitely helped me feel a lot better. I appreciate everything!


I just want to say thank you so much! You’ve changed my life in so many ways!”

Denver, CO

Hello Shontel,
I’m sending you this email to thank you for all the help that you have given me. Me and my daughter got a perfect shop that we are turning into our hair factory. You are apart of me getting the shop.
Thanks to you I managed to open my hair factory after two days of receiving your advice. Today I am blessed with a successful hair factory at the best location and safe place. The LOA works so fast you will be spruced Hope my story will help others believe that the LOA is real.
Thank you and GOD bless you. I would love to meet you personally one day. Thank you Shontel.
Lots of love to you and your family!

South Africa

Hello Shontel,
I am writing to let you know that I manifested my ex-love back. Since we last communicated everything has been amazing! There’s not a day that goes by were we don’t talk, his family check up on me he checks up on me. I have no complaints.
I visited him for 8 days which was amazing! I used your techniques and everything I asked for before going happened. We held hands walking the street, he showed me around, we partied everything was perfect!
Thank you so much for all of your help and advice,

“I am love”

Hi Shontel,
I just wanted to thank you for your help this past week. I think through all the weeks since the breakup this has been the one where I’ve made the greatest gains and finally found some peace. I’ve let it all go now and left it up to the universe.
Thank you again for all your advice and the exercises you had me do.
Your awesome!

Kindest regards
Gold Coast, Australia.

Hi Shontel,
Thank you for all your help, I’m so grateful.
I am so grateful for all of these changes I’ve gone through on the last few months because I wouldn’t be where I am today on this amazing spiritual journey. Everything really does happen for a reason.
I love doing the exercises that you have suggested. I always feel so wonderful after. Especially in the morning. Its a good way to start the day ;)

Thanks Again,
Houston, TX

Hello Shontel,
I just wanted to say thanks for everything you have taught me!
Because of your coaching; I have become more confident and I realize how truly amazing I am!
Thank you and many Blessings to you!


Hello Shontel,
On Dec 19th, 2013, I closed a deal of selling a house which got me the commission of 50,000 pesos….Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!
I can’t believe right before my eyes that it works like magic; really money comes from multiple sources. Thank you so much. I love you Shontel. Keep up the good work….THANK YOU….


Hi Shontel,
That is perfect. When you wrote me those words it was just what I have been feeling all the time, so now I will focus on that. I love your blueprints, they help me so much everyday.
I wish you all the luck in the world! And if I need any more blueprints I will be back!!!

Lots of love
Jessica Hardiman,

Hi Shontel and everyone else who is reading my story.
I was in a relationship with a wonderful man, and after four years of being together, we separated due to the negative thoughts and energy that I possessed. He moved on with his life, but we still remained in each others lives. I tried my best to move on, but my heart would not let me. I literally cried everyday because I was so hurt behind not having my relationship with my love. So back in January of this year, I learned about the law of attraction. I started focusing on myself and all the positive things my love brought into my life. I started to do the things suggested by Shontel. I am happy to say after being separated for two years, my love and I are back together and our relationship is better than ever before. Never give up on your heart’s desires. Just listen to your heart, it will not steer you wrong. Have faith, patience, and believe that God and the universe hear you. Trust me, there we times when I wanted to give up, but my heart said no, be patient, things will be OK.
Thank you Shontel for your advice.

I want to think you for helping me build my beloved belief into the law of attraction….you are really are my angel.


Hey Shontel, Thanks a lot for your help previously. With your advice I am in the most awesome relationship with my prefect guy. I wanted a man who would always keep me happy. And I got one :)


I have to tell you, I have just stumbled across your site and it has literally saved me. Following your advice has released the emptiness I was feeling inside. I am happy and positive and looking towards the future today and yesterday I was crying in my bed, unable to get up and having panic attacks and a near psychotic break (awkwaardd lol) I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me! Thank you!!

United States

Hello Shontel!!
I am very happy and glad to tell you that your guidance and suggestions truly are working. Now-a-days am finding changes in my dad’s behavior. I am so happy and thankful to you and universe as well.
Thank you so much Shontel

The trick you had told me about letting my friend manifest something he wants has worked. Thank you very much; his life will surely be the way he wants:)

A guy from India

Hi Shontel,
Thank you, Thank you, thank you. It’s worth going through your words you shared.
Also, personally I wanted to share with you that am feeling very relax and happy after sharing with you my personal thoughts. I haven’t seen you but still I am feeling some connection with you. I feel that you are my angel who is guiding me on my path.
Love and respect you always,


Dear Shontel
I would like to say a Huge THANK YOU for your words of wisdom. I am very and happy and grateful to have emailed you.
I have good news!…my boyfriend contacted me a few weeks back and we have been chatting on Whatsapp. I know it took a lot from him to contact me. I am so thrilled that we are now conversing! I know that he has forgiven me and realizes how important I am in his life. This contact is the first step to many more beautiful and loving moments for us together:).
I know I will be writing to you soon with more good news:)
Thank you again

With Light and Love



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