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Towards the end of November 2011, I went to my Gynecologist for my scheduled pap smear test, One week later I received a call to go the clinic immediately to see my Dr. He said to me that I had cervical cancer and I remember shaking hands and thanking him, he was surprised that I was so unconcerned about the situation. Never the less, I scheduled an appointment with the famous Sylvester Cancer Center in Miami to run test on me and they gave me the same answer CERVICAL CANCER.
I never ever allowed a negative thought to enter my mind. I visualized no having cancer at all. On December 12, 2012, I had a radical hysterectomy and found I HAD NO CANCER AT ALL.
On July 2013, I started having shoulder, hand and knee pain. I went to the Rheumatologist and he found I had the beginning of rheumatoid arthritis, but my inflammation was normal. He started me on drugs, and those drugs made my immune system react extremely negative and I was in horrible pain, sleepless nights, not being able to even write a check, drive, open a door knob, etc. He ordered more test and my rheumatoid arthritis was 360 very, very high. I did not pay attention to it.
I started saying and thinking I was healthy and that my cells were regenerating. I threw all the drugs in the garbage, started a good diet, eliminated sugar, sodas, wheat and milk, ate fruits, vegetables, and plenty of fish. All the time repeating and thinking how healthy I was. Three months later when I went to see him my arthritis level was 160 and my inflammation less than 11.I know for a fact that my attitude and my positive thinking will rid me of this painful disease.

United States

How I went from Nothing to Everything!
I am a performing arts student who used to suffer with severe depression i always attracted people who were out to hurt and blame and i was suffering with bulimia not long after my mum and dads divorce i was going through a rough time after by brother leaving and i had this image from very young i will end up lonely it got to the point were it was a struggle to smile and what i didn’t know was i was creating my reality i was giving commands of what i didn’t want into my life because i was focusing strongly on them my friends turned against me nearly my whole family broke up and most importantly i didn’t love who i was and even though i knew about the law of attraction i was using it to help others and not myself so i decided to stop in my tracks and care for me the more i loved me the more everyone else did the more i stopped paying attention to the influences i didn’t want but were inflicted upon me the more i payed attention on what i wanted the more i receive if i focused good thoughts on money id have five pound notes appear from absolutely no where ! This is a fact everything is an illusion we just need to be in harmony with the natural forces of the universe allow the universe to flow through you unrestricted. I focused on my dream body and I’m now a healthy size ten through being bulimic tho i gained weight because i feared gaining weight now I’m happy with who i am and felt like that from the start of the process to feeling the same way now my dream lover is Zac Efron and i have fantasied about being with him since a kid even down to having his child. But i know we can be together because I’m still on that process and need to focus on the relationship with myself also iv already manifested the relationship we would have it would be beautiful .. graceful… we both love the same things in life and i realize he could help me in some aspects in life i don’t need him to complete me I’m already complete but i want him he is my greatest desire and like anything I’ve attracted it can be him too i love the way i leave love notes for him and how he would appreciate me and love me deeply and imagining all of this and acting upon it sounds mad! But its soo worth it with the out come when I’m with him i see a future and that’s important so make up your mind and create your reality I’m so grateful for whoever is reading this and gains passion out of this to god bless you all.

Love Sophie xoxoxo,
United Kingdom

The Secret Manifested!!

I am a student of the Law of Attraction, and have hosted two LOA podcasts. On top of that, I am a filmmaker, which is my primary focus. I was wondering if you would share some information about my new project with your readers.
As you are familiar with “The Secret,” I am sure you are familiar with the story of Morris E. Goodman, a.k.a. “The Miracle Man.” To refresh your memory, Morris was paralyzed in a plane crash in March of 1981, crushing his spinal cord at C1 & C2, and was unable to move, breathe, swallow or talk. Doctors predicted a grim, short future for him. As it turns out, he used his sheer willpower, positive thinking, and goal setting to make a full recovery, and was able to walk out on his own two feet within eight months.
When I saw his segment in “The Secret,” I was mesmerized! I needed to know more about him, and the more I learned, the brighter my mental light bulb shined – I need to make a dramatic feature film about him!
Within a few weeks, Morris and I spoke on the phone, and he sent me his autobiography, which I read from cover to cover, over and over, taking many, many notes, leading to more and more questions. Two months later, I met Morris in his Virginia Beach home, and added the answers to my questions to my volume of notes, which then I began to adapt into a screenplay.
Now I am ready to bring this film to life. I am in the process of setting up my legal documents and searching for actors – both of which requires development funds. To acquire that, and to raise awareness of the film, I have started a crowdfunding campaign via IndieGoGo –

I would be honored if you could post a blog about the film and the campaign, and share the links via Facebook, Twitter and whatever social networks you may use. I am indeed offering special perks for those who can get others to contribute! (And, of course, you are welcome to make a contribution yourself, if you are so moved! =^D)
Please check out my campaign page, and watch the videos too! I think you will understand that I believe this project is bigger than me, and even bigger than Morris – this is a mission that has been derived and guided by the universe for the benefit of all mankind through the form of entertainment. I believe we have been called to this mission for the greater good. I hope that you answer that call as I have.
Thank you very, very much!

Brian Jude

Believe And You Shall Receive!!!

Hi Shontel, remember I said to you that I want flat abs. I also told you that I believe I will have flat abs. You sent me a message back, Believe and you will receive. The very next morning I saw an advert saying, I am selling all 4 Zumba DVDs (including flat abs dvd) with 2 x dumbbells for R250. What a coincidence. I have now bought it!!! :-)
The Law of Attraction really works!!!

Sharon Hughes,
Richards Bay, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

LOA at Work

Hi all ,I am a firm believer of the LOA, so many things have happened in my life and I just wanted to tell people who are looking for a way out not to give up because when grass starts growing you can’t see it until its well watered,so continue to feed your mind with good and positive thoughts till it matures, it is not a joke it works.
Good luck to every one who is looking for love,money and health.

South Africa

Hi Shontel,

Firstly I wanted thank you for the spiritual guidance I receive from your blog.
The advice you have given me to become positive subconsciously really helped me get out of a negative flow of thoughts. After reading the book ‘the power of now’ (Eckhart Tolle) and through ‘the clean program’ (alejandro Junger) I feel much more awake I start to feel and live in the moment. I really would like to connect with my inner-self and what other ways are there except talking to myself in a lucid dream? Have you lucid dreamt?

Also I sometimes fall back into the trap of negativity; like when I am physically sick I feel irritated. When I am in the a really happy state, I worry about losing it then it happens I lose positivity and fall back down in mood.
Well thank you so much for being my company through this epic journey for happiness! Right now I’m on a quite positive state for the last two days… I would like to believe that it is because I attracted health (I threw off a fever of 38.9 degrees in a day :) Basically everything has just gone right for me…. What really helped for me are your tips of self affirmations; I especially love “only good lies before me.”
Searched google for some powerful subliminal affirmations and binaural beats to get myself happy, I don’t know if this whole subliminal and binaural beat is legitimate but again what is legitimacy and what is real; so I would like to believe that it works and I felt better after listening and watching some of the videos :)

The website above is another factor that I learned a massive load from; I learned to recognize my negative ego is too a part of me, I just not feel vulnerable because i created it. Only when it emerges I gotta notice and say no. and dwell on the good. (normally I think of being with the girl I’m into… haha or my bright future or the bright of past.)
A crucial key to me came as a epiphany as I recognized and analysed my negative patterns emerging, It started with a bad feeling that; If i feel happy now, it is temporary I will go back to my normality which i could describe as… tense and anxious because thats how i normally am!
Well that stopped as I changed the habit from rationalising happiness as something alike a debt; that i must repay with my own future pain of tense and anxious daily life. Into thanking for the good that has happened, blessing the people that have given me such experience and wish and believe for all the good that has got to come.
Its really true that…. If i believe that good has got to come to me, it really does… Not only by miraculous happenings, but I remember things that I can be happy from, then i get happier then happier.
For example out of nowhere I remember that my parents owe me 1000yuan (approximately 200$ quite a lot for a average sophomore) and will be getting it tomorrow.
I cannot thank you enough :’)
Even that I didn’t meet you I feel ever so close to you, not only because we are all interrelated but you really did listen to what I said and helped me out.
Hope you have a awesome day,
Thank you for everything!




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