Most people want to attract back an ex into their lives after realizing that their ex was truly the one for them, but they ended up losing their relationships due to fearful and/or negative thoughts that they sent out during the relationship. Thoughts like “the relationship was too good to be true so something bad was bound to happen” or fearful thoughts that the person was going to leave them eventually, which ultimately caused their relationships to end because with the law of attraction you get exactly what you think about.

Remember you can only attract back an ex into your life only if they are willing, because we all have free will. And with that said, here are some steps to help you to attract a person that you desire into your life.

1) First you should state that you want this person back into your life. Write it down or say it out loud.

2) Next you visualize yourself as being back with this person. See the two of you on dates having a great time. Picture the good things that you will do or say to this person, plan your wedding (if that’s what you want). You can visualize anything that you can think of in order to get yourself in a good feeling place about your relationship. Don’t think about the past and what caused the breakup all of that is irrelevant now. You need to place all of your focus on what you want rather than on the things that you do not want in your life.

3) You can create vision boards, with pictures of the two of you together happy and in love, you can write stories of how you would like your life to be with this person using present tense like it is happening now. Write how in love you are with this person and how happy and grateful you are to have them in your life. Read it or write it over daily and end it by thanking the universe.

4) You can write a list of all the great things that you love about this person and send them light and love. Because this is a vibrational universe, whenever you send a person light and love no matter how far away, they are they can feel it. So don’t be surprised if you get a phone call or a text message from them.

5) I’ve heard of some people carrying pictures of the person that they want to attract back into their lives with them and whenever they look it, they send them love and good feelings.

6) For some people in order to create emotion to get themselves into that good feeling place they jump up and down for joy, acting as though they are happy that they are already back together with that person.

7) Lastly, if you feel that things aren’t going as fast as you want and your faith starts to wavier, try to change your thoughts to something that makes you feel good and continue to trust and believe that the universe is working out the perfect plan for you.

I have heard several success stories about people that have attracted their exes back into their lives with the above-mentioned tips and once they’ve gotten their exes back after sending so much love and positivity to their relationship, their relationships ended up being better than before.

So, remember to keep sending love and positivity while you are actually in the relationship so that your relationship will remain loving, peaceful and happy. Good luck and I can’t wait to read your success stories.

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