What if the world was filled with nothing but positive people, wouldn’t that be great? We all know that there is a lot of negativity in the world today. But we have to do what we need to do to surround ourselves with as much positivity as possible. We all need motivation every day.

For me, I listen to a motivational cd upon waking up in the morning and again in the afternoon. At night, I like to read a chapter or two from a personal development book or listen to a meditation cd before going to bed. You don’t have to do what I do, find out what’s best for you. Throughout the day, I try to steer clear of negative conversation or I would try to steer negative conversation into something more positive. If I find myself in a not so good mood, I will play my feel good cds as I call them until I feel better.

You may need to distance yourselves from your negative friends or co-workers. After you start doing this work you will start to notice that your vibration will start to raise and your negative friends and coworkers will not come around you as often. Remember like attracts like and as your vibration starts to shift into a more positive direction you will start to repel negative people and situations.

This brings us to your thought process. No one is perfect so if you notice negative thoughts creeping in, don’t get upset with yourself. Noticing your negative thoughts is good thing; it means that you are now starting to become aware of your emotional guidance system. Your emotional guidance system helps you to know how you are feeling at any particular moment. And once you are aware of your feelings you will be able to guide your thoughts to the things that make you feel better.

When I notice that I am going down the path of negative thoughts, I like to think of the things that I am most grateful for, for example my family, my health etc. As you become better at using your emotional guidance system to determine where your thoughts are headed. You will be on the path to becoming a more joyful and positive person because you will now start to realize all the great things that are happening to you each day which will cause you to have more things to be thankful for. And you will be able to use these great things to repeat in your mind to help you to release or stop negative thoughts.

Try to be the person you wish others would be. Lead by example. Do what you can to become more positive and you will attract more happiness, prosperity and positivity into your life.

Sending love and Happiness,




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