How to Get Over A Breakup

Dealing with a break up can be hard, but you must know that people enter into our lives for a reason. Sometimes we enter into relationships at a time in our lives in order for us to learn something from a person, or you are there to teach a person something and after the lesson is learned, the relationship dissipates.

Past relationships will help you to create a clear picture of where you are in your life and who you would like to share your next experience with. So you shouldn’t waste your time hating the person that you feel wronged you, because in all actuality they have helped you to realize what you truly desire or want in your next relationship. It is good practice to get your thoughts and your vibration into a good feeling place, before you enter into a relationship so you can attract someone who is on the same vibrational wavelength that you are on.

 If you are feeling insecure or having negative thoughts, this will be your point of attraction and you will attract that same type of person into your life. attracts Like. That’s why after a break up it’s important to give yourself time to think about what you want before you enter into another relationship.

You should change your vibration by thinking good thoughts about what you now want in a man or women so you can attract the person that you desire. By consistently thinking about the break up and all the things that you did not like will keep those thoughts active into your vibration therefore, attracting to you those same experiences into your next relationship.

So once you start to Get over a breakup and you find yourself in that place where you are no longer thinking those bad thoughts as often, then you will be in a place to attract what you want into your life. When people are hurt in relationships let’s say for instance, if they feel they were cheated on. They will then start thinking thoughts that all men or women are liars and cheaters. And with those active thoughts you will get exactly what you are thinking, causing you to attract the same type of person or situation into your life over and over again.

After a break up take the time out to forgive your past lover for whatever you feel they may have done to you. Release the hate from your heart because it will only cause you pain, not them. Remembering over and over all of the things that happened in your past relationships will only keep you in that negative place. So, Get over a breakup and forget your Past.

Here is a good exercise in order to clean up your negative vibration and get you into a better feeling place.

You can start by writing down all the things that you disliked in your previous relationship, and then destroying the letter along with all the hurt and the pain. Bless yourself then bless them and try your best to move on.

Now you should write down all the things that you would like to have in your new relationship, leaving out all negative words like “I do not want.”

You should say things like, I want an honest, faithful, supportive, fun and happy person in my life as opposed to saying “I don’t want a liar and a cheater.”

You should omit the word “don’t” from your vocabulary because by saying “don’t” you are concentrating on what you do not want rather than what you would like to have. Therefore attracting what you do not want into your life experience.

The Universe responds to feelings and vibrations, so after you write your list (leaving out negative words) read your list over and over to yourself, at least two or three times a day to get yourself into that good feeling place and believing that the right person is out there for you.

A belief is a thought that you consistently think. So, if you keep thinking good thoughts about relationships, you will start to believe it and your point of attraction and your vibration will change.

So, it is very necessary to let go of the negativity after a break up because it is not worth your thoughts and it will do nothing to help change your life towards the direction you would like it to be.

The universe already knows what you want, so if you could just practice good feeling thoughts, all of the things that you desires not just relationships, but all things good will come into your existence.

Sending Love and Happiness,


Get Over A Breakup!

Here is an excellent video by Esther and Abraham Hicks discussing how to create a new relationship story! Enjoy!



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