Have you ever dealt with a person irritating habits that drove you nuts? It could be a coworker, a family member, your best friend or significant other. You must know that it is all a test. And in order to pass this test you must change the way you see them. Because with The Law of Attraction you will get what you focus your attention on. You have to change the way you think about a person or a situation in order to see improvement.

You have to visualize the people that aggravate you in a way you would like them to be. For example, I had an unhappy situation with a coworker, which caused me to have to use some serious visualization skills in order to see past our issues and come to a happy conclusion. I decided to visualize my coworker as I wanted her to be. I also visualized the outcome; after some intense visualization skills, I had a talk with her and everything went according to my plan. I was truly amazed. I must admit this may be one of the hardest things to do.

Visualizing a person or a circumstance in a way where you would have to see a person as being different than how you perceive them to be is hard. But, it is well worth it.

My friend Sean had a huge problem with people always showing up late for appointments. Sean’s main pet peeve was people not keeping their word and being on time. After all he is a person that does what he says. After our talk about changing his thoughts and feelings about people that are always late and not keeping their word; Sean decided to stop focusing all his attention on the fact that people are always late and changed his thought process to seeing people as being true to their word and being on time. And sure enough after the last person he had scheduled for his vocal lesson cancelled on him. He said to himself, “it’s ok…… I know that people are busy and other things to do” and the next day his coach was on time and gave him an extra hour of lessons free.

My friend Carla had a situation at work where she had a problem with her manager coming down on her for everything even though she was the top earner in the firm. It seemed as if the more money she made the worse she was being treated by her manager. I told her the same thing I told Sean “she must stop focusing on how her manager is and see her as she wanted her to be”. She really didn’t want to do this because she didn’t think it would work. She felt that her manager was a miserable person and wanted to make her life miserable as well.

It was very hard for her to wrap her mind around the concept of letting go of reality and focusing her attention on how she wanted things to be. But, reluctantly she did it and the next day her manager was being unbelievably nice to her. She called to tell me that she couldn’t believe how nice her manager was talking to her and giving her compliments.

You can use your visualization skills to help resolve problems in your personal relationships with significant others, children or other family members. Before you confront them with an issue or problem, stop and focus on what you love most about them. Visualize your conversation with them with a happy outcome. The key to seeing people how you want them to be, is to focus. Go somewhere quiet and think of all of the great ways you would rather this person behave.

You have to stop focusing on the person negative behaviors and see them in the positive way. Whether you believe or not, everyone has good in them, but when someone is being difficult we tend to focus our energy and thoughts according to what we are seeing which intensify the negative behavior in them. It’s like a kid that always gets into trouble at school and the teacher solely focuses on his or her bad behavior.

Do you think this child will ever change, especially if that’s the way everyone sees him or her as? So, when someone is being irritating or nasty with you, focus your attention on their positive aspects. It could be their outfit or new hair cut. Find something, anything! You must forget reality and focus your thoughts in the direction of how you would rather them to be!




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