Using the law of attraction for weight loss or to attract your perfect body is no different than trying to attract money, relationships, a career etc. It is the same concept; you get what you focus your attention on, with the greatest amount of emotion.

I have heard of several people combing the law of attraction and weight loss to attract their perfect bodies. For me, I wanted to attract a flatter stomach. So one day, as I looked in the mirror I said “I want a flatter stomach.” Then every morning, I looked in the mirror and said thank you for my beautiful flat stomach and then the magic happened.

I became attracted to certain things that helped me get my stomach the way that I wanted it to be. Even though I was exercising before, everything would slim down except for my stomach. Then, I saw an infomercial for Zumba, I saw this commercial several times but I wasn’t interested in it. I then heard people raving about it at work so I figured it must be a sign, so I decided to look into it and I found that Zumba focused on your mid section (plus it looked fun) so I tried it and my stomach flattened in less than a month.

I was so excited. And every day since, I’ve said thank you for my beautiful body and it seems as if my body gets better looking daily.

Another thing that I wanted was clearer skin, my skin always been prone to breakouts. So again, I looked in the mirror and I said thanks for my perfect clear skin. And after a few days, I was attracted to natural skin creams that help to clear my skin. During my quest for the perfect skin, I discovered that when you eat too much sugary foods and breads that it breaks down into yeast in the body and the toxins are released through your skin, mainly through the pores on your face as acne and after I eliminated these foods and cleared the yeast (know as Candida) from my body with the help from a product called Rainbow Light Enzyme System that was also attracted to me, my face is now beautiful and clear. Plus, because it is also an enzyme; it helps to break down the food in your digestive system, further ensuring a slimmer waistline. So this was a win, win!

So as you can see with the law of attraction and weight loss, when you ask for the body that you want, you will get your answer. You will be led to do the right thing, at the right time, in the right way for you.

If it is the weight loss that you desire, by using combining the law of attraction and weight loss you may be attracted to certain exercises that will be fun for you. Or you will be attracted to a healthier eating lifestyle and it won’t feel like a chore it will feel like inspired action because the law of attraction will be creating the perfect plan for you.

Here are some tips to help you to combine the law of attraction and weight loss for your idea of the perfect body that you desire.

1) State what you want. Say it out loud to yourself or write it down and describe what you want in detail and state how it will make you feel to achieve this goal.

2) If you can find a picture of that body that you desire. Cut it out and display it in a place where you will see it daily. Or you can create a vision board with pictures of what you desire and feel good when you look at it.

The key is when you see this picture imagine it as your own body. You can cut out a picture of your face and place it on the picture of the person with your desired body if it will make it easier to visualize it as your own. (And try not to condemn the food that you eat, be thankful for the food as you are eating and visualize yourself getting slimmer with each bite).

3) Express gratitude daily for your perfect body, skin, nose or whatever you desire daily. Say thank you as if you already achieved what you desire.

4) Believe that what you want is already yours and stay focused on what you desire and not on what you currently see and what you want will come into your existence.

I have heard and witnessed several stories of people who have combine the use of the law of attraction and weight loss and they have transformed their bodies. I have also heard of people using the law of attraction to increase their hairline, vision, height and even to slim down their noses without surgery.

I have a friend that always says “I can eat whatever I want and I never gain weight” and she eats more than anyone that I know and true to her words she has been slim all of her life. You get what you believe.

I have heard stories of so called “ugly ducklings” whose dreams were to become models growing into beautiful swan, just by believing in the fact that they are truly beautiful, their looks changed into their ideal vision of themselves and ending up pursuing modeling careers.

My best friend’s son learned from his doctor that he was only going to be 5ft 4inches tall. He was not happy with this news so he refused to believe it, so he focused on growing much taller than what the doctor stated. Now he stands at about 5ft 9in tall and still growing.

I have heard stories of people throwing out prescription glasses because they believed strongly that they had perfect eyesight only to regain their perfect eyesight in days.

So, as you can see you can you use the law of attraction and weight loss to attract the body of your dreams or anything else that you want and desire. The key to deliberate creation is to ask, focus on what you want and believe that it is already yours and remember to remain thankful and what you want will be your new reality. And always remember to choose the way that you way YOU want to look, not the way someone else want you to look.

Because, what I have noticed is that if you gain weight people will say you are too fat, if you lose weight then they will say you are too skinny. So, what I have learned is that I have to choose the way that I want to look that pleases me because you will never be able to please anyone else and why should you. You should only want to please yourself. The only person that truly matter!

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