Meditation plays an important role in manifesting your wants and desires. Meditation is the art of relaxing the body and quieting the mind. When quieting the mind, you are clearing your mind from excessive thoughts which helps you to release resistance from the thoughts that are holding you back from creating your desires. Once you are able to lift your vibration and release resistance your desires will be able to flow easily into your existence.

With meditation you are no longer being guided by your ego, you are now being guided by what is called your inner guidance system, God or your higher self. Guided action can be in the form of creative ideas, impulses or blocks of thoughts of how to handle an issue or certain situation that you’ve been worried about or you will be guided to an idea of how to manifest whatever it is that you desire.


There are several ways to meditate; you can start by clearing the mind by focusing on your breath.

Find a comfortable place and take a seat sitting crossed legged if you can.

Start by taking a deep breath and exhaling. Breathe out to the count of five. Breathe in to the count of five. Continue until you become comfortable and relaxed pace is established.

You can meditate by listening to your breath or you can also make “ommmmmmmm” chant to keep thoughts from entering your mind.

You can use anything that you can to distract your mind from wandering.

My sister likes to meditate outside while listening to the sound of the birds chirping to keep thought from entering into her mind. So there are no rules. You can do what feels good to you.

You can meditate for as long as you would like but 15 to 20 minutes is more than enough time to quiet the mind and stop thought in order to receive beneficial results.

Some good times to meditate are in the morning before you rise, midday or right before bed. But anytime of the day is ok as long as you find the time.

I meditate at night before bed because that is the best time for me. But, again no time of the day is better than the other; you just have to choose what fits into your schedule. You will receive the benefits anytime of the day that you choose.

If you have problems meditating on your own, you can use a guided meditation CD.

Guided meditation allows you to listen to the sounds of a soothing voice and calming background music that will allow you to stop your thoughts by focusing on inspirational words or background sounds which will allow you to lift your vibrations to higher levels.

No one method of meditation is better than the other; all are helpful and efficient, you will have to find what works for you. You can also design a comfortable space for meditation (this isn’t mandatory, but it can be helpful) it can be a corner in your bedroom or a spare bedroom etc. If possible, you should use this same space each time you meditate; this will train your mind and body to know that once you enter into this space it is time to relax and quiet the mind.

With meditation you must be consistent. If you receive creative thoughts, impulses or answers to your questions during or after meditation, write them down immediately and follow your impulses and guided action as long as it feels good to you.

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