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About 35 years ago my husband and I were planning our wedding but had no money. A month before our wedding my brother had sent me $3500 to send it to his friend in England and I had wired it to his friend and had the transaction document from the bank, I exactly remember a week before our wedding I just told my boyfriend then “God will send us money from somewhere.” When I checked my bank account a week before wedding, there was $3500 in my account that was not there before. I called the bank and, I was told the receiver of the draft was not found so they had to return the money back to my account. that paid for our wedding ceremony.

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I got $100.00
I have asking for money and reasons to be grateful from the Universe. Last week my father gave me $100 and a reason to feel grateful. I have been unemployed now for a while and to receive this raised my faith in the manifestation process.
I learned as long as you are calm and don’t ever think, good things will happen. Just trust and know the Universe has your back.
Worrying and impatience will only hinder you so learn to trust. That is all you have to do.

Blessings to you all!
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I have been using LOA unknowingly for quiet long. I have similar habits as recommended for LOA, like spontaneous gratitude for every single little thing, visualizations, positive affirmations, meditation by spending time in nature, acts of kindness and maintaining the diary with all the lovely details of daily routine. And then it started to happen, I only marked it once I got to learn about LOA.
I see abundance in every sphere of my life, be it money or help and support from others. I always get what I need and when I need. Once, early morning I got on the bus, I had to buy the ticket but I had no change, neither the bus driver nor the other passengers. Then a lady came forward and bought me the ticket:) That is one of many examples that I can put here for having an abundant life with love and kindness.


LOA is Very Real

Well, this story actually has a double benefit. I actually received this blessings in the midst of others. Things that seemed like coincidences and chance. But I don’t particularly believe in coincidence. I make music as a means to a big future in it, still trying to make that one happen. But, I figured, just making the music isn’t going to be good enough for me to go anywhere with it. So my main focus other than making the tunes was to put myself in a position to meet and mingle with people of the same mindset as myself or at least close to it.

I wanted to grab a job that put me in the middle of people who had my same ambitions but it got them somewhere. So, security seemed to be the best thing. Either at a concert, a sporting event, anything that brushed me with people of status. You never know what could happen if you meet the right guy checking their pockets ya know? lol. So, I put that into the air.
I was working a convenient store job at the time so I was pretty far from the ideal job I felt I needed. The store had a chance of me running in to the right person as well, but I suppose I wanted to boost my chances with the ideal job “I” had in mind instead. So I kept putting that into the air.
I wasn’t so strong in my belief at the time so I suppose that’s why it took me so long to get to where I wanted/needed to be. Eventually, I lost my job all together, not in the best way either I was unemployed for a time and started to get bummed. I had people relying on my job to keep income coming into my house (I have a small family).

Thankfully though, my other half (my fiance) had gotten the job I had lost (go figure) and she kept income coming in for a while while I looked for another job, eventually, she managed to meet someone in her previous position there and she gave her her card to try and poach her from the job she got after me. She gave me the card, figuring I could use the job more than her (of course) and I gave the woman a ring. Sure enough, she did even security at the fox theater. (my mind, blown) I’m like, “get the Heck outta here” no way, she had me working in less than a month. I kept and held onto that job for a solid 3 months before the contract with the theater expired with the security company through fox which led to me being let go as well. The tragic part is, my phone broke soon after and I wasn’t able to get in touch with the woman again.

poo on me right? not quite, soon after, I moved from my last apartment with my fiance, she got pregnant, and an old friend of mine I love to make music with appeared in my life again, we made arrangements and he moved in with us. Now, the apartment situation is another story of intent I’d love to share with you all, it was a shot in the dark and a prayer how we got it, especially seeing as how it cost an arm and a leg to live there and our expenses don’t cover it but we still live there today. But depending on how you guys feel about this story ill share that one. Back to it though, my friend moved in with us and his mom and dad use to hate my guts for reasons, but after realizing their son wasn’t getting rid of me anytime soon, they softened up alot. This lead to yet another blessing. I needed a job once again at this point and his mother knew this and also knew I had a child on the way, so soon after the move, she let me in on some info at the job she was starting. She had a higher position than me and that turned out to save my life.
She gave me the heads up and I filled out the application. Originally, she was going to do my interview which as you know, is a GOOD thing, but she wasn’t able to make it on the day I was scheduled to have it so it was just me, I wasn’t worried though, I interview pretty good.
Her son was also suppose to get the interview by her but that turned out to be a bad thing for him that she didn’t do it because he in turn dint get the job. Life has better things for him though, I hope he knows that. But I ended up with the job, and low and behold, it was a security position and at a more high profile place.

An event dome in Atlanta called the Mercedes Benz stadium. I see people of status constantly and some of them are actors, musicians, athletes, you name it. But heres where the manifestation situation in question comes that I happen to notice. During the orientation for this place (which took 3 months to get to after my hire date, jesus) they made an event out of it and we had chances to win some historical prizes from our supervisors.
We played games that got us to know the people we would be working with and what not and coupled with that was a raffle. The raffle had prizes like autographed footballs and pictures and things of that nature. I’m not a sports fan so I didn’t think much of the raffle. But I did receive a ticket. One of the things up for raffle was an autographed picture of one of the Atlanta falcons.
(big whoop). Getting closer to the end of orientation, they called out the last few prizes, and after calling out 3 tickets with no winners on one of the items (the autographed picture) one last number was called that sounded familiar. Now while I didn’t necessarily desire anything they where giving away, I thought to myself.

“ya know, what if I did win? some of those prizes are valued and one day I might need the extra money, what if I put some effort of desire into it just to see?” I did focus on getting at least one prize. I wanted to see if life really worked like that from time to time.
If I put enough intent into something, things going how they had been going thus far, if life really worked that way. I set my mind on winning anything. Anything at all that day. Those familiar numbers, you can guess, turned out to be the numbers on my ticket. I went home with an autographed falcons picture that I, to this day, appreciate more because I feel as if my intent and appreciation for life earned me it. Not luck or chance, but intent.
I’m not sure what force I can call it, but its definitely something. I truly hope these true events inspire someone to keep strong with their will and intent to be better and receive better in their life. theirs something out here, or something bonding us that wants us to get what we want/need out of this life. And its very VERY real my friends.AvanGarde
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Ask, Believe, Receive!!!

Sooo…..I tested the law of attraction last night….around 9pm. I told myself that I would find $100.00 dollars. I didn’t know from where or how it would arrive but I asked and believed. Today as I was cleaning out my van I find this check. I honestly thought I deposited this check a long time ago August to be exact. If I had not spoke this money into existence I may have found this check well after the 90 day void period. I want to think you for helping me build my beloved believe into the law of attraction….you are really are my angel.


Well it worked!!!

I have one little thing that happened to me recently, after making a manifestation box. I am fairly new to Law of Attraction and am excited to see what happens in my life from now on. I made a lovely box, putting in my dreams and desires, photos and pictures of things I want in my life. There is a dress shop which I absolutely love, but never buy from it as it is far too expensive for me and usually the dresses never fit, but I put in my manifestation box that I can now buy from this shop. I put the box away and maybe a week later my daughter asked me to go shopping with her for clothes as she had just been offered a new job. So we went into town and she went from shop to shop, including the one I love, I browsed around quickly then saw not one but two dresses on special and low and behold, they fit me as well, so that day I bought not one but two dresses from my favorite shop. It didn’t click til later on that week, that I had actually put the desire into my manifestation box. I am very happy this actually worked and the fact that I am now dressed beautifully as well lol.


How I attracted my dream job!!!

Hii everyone. I wanted to tell you how law of attraction worked for me a few months back. I have had many small things to share about it but this one is like magic. Around a year ago, I was wanting to get a job but I had conditions like I wanted a job that was nearby to my place say a half an hour distance as I didn’t want to travel, next I wanted two days off that is Saturday and Sunday and it needed to be in a corporate office because I have always been working in hospitality industry. I got many offers of job but none matching to my terms and I was cool about it. Many times sitting at my window I used to watch people waiting for the bus to go to office. And it use to come to me that even I should travel on this bus going to the same place that used to come into my mind. After 2 months I suddenly got a call for a job interview. I don’t know who she was and how she got my number but magically I got the job exactly in the location nearby to my place. I had been looking for Saturday and Sunday off within a reputed corporate office and I am now traveling on the bus that I wanted to. It was like magic. Its now been 8 months and I am happy working there.

Kinjal Shah,


I’ve been studying and learning for several months now the LOA. I’m an educated and highly spiritual person and have always felt like there was something out there for me…ie I have always known I was destined for greatness, as Oprah says.
It’s coming…just this morning I attracted a cup of coffee. I JUST went to the mailbox and there were two checks for $100 and $150 I wasn’t expecting. Money really DOES come to me through all types of channels, as I expect it to. I EXPECT to have a great day and share positivity with everyone I come into contact with.
My house is on the market and it’s down to the wire on an offer. I have a number in mind…but am being asked to pay closing costs for the buyer. I have just asked the listing agent to contribute this $2K…and I know she will.
I am so grateful for all that I have, each and every day!!!

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Hi Shontel – How have you been?
Just wanted to let you know that my life is so good. The LOA have been a tremendous change of thought for me. It all seems so natural. I’m working to see how far I can go in understanding beyond the physical. I want to see more!

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Last time I wrote u about my business, I am now benefiting. I would like to say thanks to you for giving me wings and way to fly.



As of today I’m so grateful that last night as i read this wonderful site today Dec 19 I closed a deal of selling a house which got me the commission of 50.000 pesos….thank u.thank u.thank u.
I cant believe right before my eyes that it works like magic,really money comes from multiple sources. Thank u so much for this inspiring site. I love you Shontel. Keep up the good work….THANK YOU….


I’d like to share my experience with the LOA. I was introduced to the LOA about 6 yrs ago by a friend who suggested I watch “The Secret,” I’ll admit I was a skeptic and never it put it to practice. I watched it again over the summer and put it to the test that night before going to sleep I asked for $100 dollars the next day. I woke up the next day to a text from a friend asking if I’d seen the $300 dollar check she’d left for me on the desk! needless to say I’m a true believer now. I work on my mindset daily and know that very soon I’ll be living the life I’ve visualized for myself. I recently put a exact monetary amount I’d like to win in the lottery. The other day while driving home from work I seen the powerball was that number.Seeing it confirmed my believe in the LOA and I’m overwhelmed with gratitude and excitement as I head out to purchase my ticket.

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Soldier Going Home For Christmas!!!

Just want to say thanks for guiding me in using the Law of Attraction to manifest my exact travel plans. My budget was $1000.00. I was able to arrange flights and a rental car for nine days within that limit. Thanks Shontel!!!

Puerto Rico


I was introduced to the LOA by a friend of mine and at first I didn’t believe until I tried it but without telling him and it worked for me I received money within two days now I’m going to pass my grade 11 with 7 distinctions and I know I will.

South Africa

Living LOA

I came across the idea of the law of attraction about a year ago and since then my skills have been getting better. I realized that I had used the LOA to manifest money as a kid after reading about the LOA on a website. I wrote my story to the site and got a reply, that is what made me believe even more that the LOA is true. Since then I have manifested a $30,000 cheque, my girlfriend, a trip, and I’ve also manifested people in my life that I wanted to see again. There are so many stories I have and I think that by seeing the signs and paying attention to them and believing that they are real signs is the key to getting everything you desire.


Practice Manifestation, Build a foundation, Let it go and it will come to pass!!

I have been dreaming about and visualizing a retro statement floor lamp since July, I knew that I was going to have it, I knew what spot and I visualized the whole look. When the item was sold out I emailed the company and was told new stock will be available in October, I received my lamp yesterday and yes its in the same spot looking great. A little while after looking at the lamp, I saw some great statement metal vases I kept looking at the sites and the styles size shape and visualized it being in two spots in my flat, I settled on a vase and guess what have ordered it and it will be with me soon. And since I visualized the vase being in two spots I have now seen another vase that I will be buying.
On my way to work last week I saw a friend and I said that I will start buying Christmas and birthday presents soon for my family, that afternoon I saw two perfect birthday gifts for my daughter both more than half price the shop was closed but I bought them the next morning and guess what the shop worker said that those two where the last that’s why they are on sale. I started to visualize for these items when I was not working and whilst my bills are high. I have only received one pay check from my current job and another from self employment which went straight into the bank. I am not focusing on my bills but what i need in my life to be comfortable, as i know my positive thinking, will cover all my out goings (finance)and I will still have plenty left to enjoy and to share.
I decided not to be ruled by my income but to continue to visualize, focus, concentrate and to know that my life is to help and support other with positivity which reflects in my own life style.I realized today that one bill will be quite high and payment is due tomorrow, the money is in the bank and i do not worry as sometimes bills maybe higher i am not rules my money so no stress.

United Kingdom

Believing The Signs

One day, after a friend of mines told me about ( LOA). I actually attempted to put my mind to it, therefore needless to say I really put my focus on it. I woke up out of my sleep with the most positive attitude you can ever have waking up. Told myself how I was going to work through my day and told myself I was going to get money today. I kept saying to myself ” money comes easily and frequently ” until i made myself believe it. So when I walked around my cousin Kia’s house I actually stopped and talked to a couple of friends ( which was my distraction from what I was actually suppose to be doing ). The other friend that I left out of the house with was walking with me and actually shouted to me ” come on Craig lets finish walking to the store. So I immediately continued my walk to the store. Now when I go up by this chinese store, I dont usually walk the direction I just so happen to walk today and I only stay up there for 5 mins or less. I started to walk the direction that I never walked and as many people walked passed me from this same direction, how is that no one seen this 40 something dollars laying on the ground ever so gently. The wind blew and before i knew i had 40 something dollars at the bottom of my feet. I picked it up immediately a the first thing my friend said was ” YO YOU WERE MEANT TO GET THAT ” ..POWERFUL AND I AM A FULL BELIEVER

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Cruising Right Along!

Shontel, Thanks for the reply to my previous story…but I have yet another one for your readers. In January I wrecked my car..(it went dancing with a tree)and have up until 4 weeks ago been driving a friends spare vehicle. Well the budget I had and the car I wanted were not melding up so I continued my search for a car that would…all the time still knowing what I really wanted. Three times I went to look at vehicles that would “do.” After the third deal fell through, I got back online the next morning and there, the very first ad on CL, was the truck I wanted and in my price range. I made the call immediately and made arrangements to meet the owner the next day. Now the other times before someone had come with cash and the owners sold it before I could get there. The owner of my vehicle did not, even called the next day to ensure I was on my way. I arrived and the vehicle was in almost NEW condition!! The interior looked like it had never been sat in and the exterior other than very very minor ping, looked like a vehicle that was maybe 3 years old…and it is 15 years old. Very low miles and at the time was a $28k vehicle. I tell this story to everyone and those who see it can’t believe it. I can.


Making Life Easy!

I was quite disappointed and had low confidence a few years back. When I found out about the LOA and I started to practice it my life completely change. Now I am completely satisfied with myself and others. My financial position is good and is becoming better day by day. Happiness comes in my life from various channels. And I make my world as I want. So thanks for teaching LOA to everyone.


The magic of LOA can be experienced even by the ones not believing in it. Just a small practice and a bit of manifesting can do wonders.

The trick you had told about letting my friend manifest something he wants has worked. He told me that he would like to have 100 Indian Rupees by the end of the month of June. I made him write it in a notebook. Even I wrote for him in my journal. Yesterday he called me and told me that some relative gave him 100 Rupees and that he is very happy.
Now he has started believing in the LOA and he wants to continue manifesting what else he wants. Thank you very much, his life will surely be the way he wants. :)

A guy from India

I asked, it came!

Just a short story.
I’d heard about LOA and also COSMIC ORDERING so decided to read more & try it, what did I have to loose, nothing but EVERY THING to gain if it worked to cut a long story short, I’d just separated from my husband, a good thing but not in the financial way. Anyway, for years I’ve somehow always known 1 day I’d be rich, don’t know how I know this I just do, I’ve seen it & felt it. As money is now tight, very tight since he’s left, I needed money badly and wrote down and asked for £200 by the 21st June 2013 but then changed it to £300 by 21st June 2013 , to be honest I want more than that in the long run, but heard start by asking for small amounts, though I have asked to win she jackpot on the lottery, I’m still waiting on that but I know it will come one day. I got she £300 I’d asked for by the date I’d given in fact I got more I actually got £345 by the date I’d stated. So LOA it seems does work, now all I need to do is manifest my big jackpot win , as soon as I do you can be sure I’ll be back to let you all know about it.

United Kingdom

LOA at Work

Hi all ,I am a firm believer of the LOA, so many things have happened in my life and I just wanted to tell people who are looking for a way out not to give up because when grass starts growing you can’t see it until its well watered,so continue to feed your mind with good and positive thoughts till it matures, it is not a joke it works.
Good luck to every one who is looking for love,money and health.

South Africa


I am new to the LOA and I have only been reading the book The Secret and searching websites after websites to help me in my life. One area of my life that needs help is my finances. I Just started this month putting LOA to use. I was in the negative with my bank accounts and barely living pay check to pay check. So I asked the universe to help me with my money issues as I was thinking that next year I will have to move out of my townhouse, because I could not afford to live here any longer and just find a one bedroom and rent out my townhouse. So on Nov. 12, 2015 I decided to apply for a loan, knowing my credit is poor. I only needed about $1,000 to get tires and a battery for my truck, but I was approved for $7,000 that day. I was so shocked and by credit score was great. I had not checked it in a few years but I was shocked. So now I have enough to buy the tires, battery and to live comfortably in my townhouse without worries of if I will have enough to pay all the bills and still have enough to live through out the month. So yes, the LOA does work and now I am going to apply it to other areas of my life.


My Success Story…

Hi Shontel,
I do believe I’ve had some success. While I didn’t receive $5000, I did receive a couple of small checks that I had not idea were coming. They totaled $93. However, several years ago, I went through an extended unemployment period. I basically lost everything. My truck was repossessed, and I sold everything of value, just to keep the lights on and food on the table. Well there was still an outstanding debt of about $4000 on the truck. I had refused to pay it because when they took the truck, I had a bunch of personal items that were never returned. Anyway, I got a letter the other day, saying they are relieving of that debt. That is a huge weight lifted. I would call that success.
Thank you! I visualized all that you suggested.


Defeated My Home…

Ok, so I moved to California in hopes of this big discovery, that someone big in the entertainment industry would walk in a grocery store and see all of this talent and just be amazed, and that life just takes off from there. WRONG! In this same time, I had so much fear inside that I sabotaged every thing that I would have manifested. So I worked on the fear inside and faced my demons.
So after I finally got a hold to all of this, I realized that me and my children were still in the homeless shelter in downtown Los Angeles and that I wanted to move into a home of my liking. I had so much on my mind that I couldn’t pinpoint exactly what I wanted an ended up staying in the shelter for 7 months and I was uncomfortable and slightly miserable.

Until one day I was searching for ways to manifest things and came across this person suggesting that I write down what I wanted. That way I’ll be able to focus and visualize more. So I tried it and it worked. Fast forward… at the time I really wanted to get out of the shelter so I wrote it down. My twin sis moved in a huge 5 bedroom house and offered me and my 3 children to move in temporarily. Yay… I said. I was very excited.
I shared my gratitude with everyone who’d listen. Leaving the shelter finally was amazing until I realized my sis and I didn’t get along when we live together. It was bad…So once again I was filled with anger and fear and needed this to change badly.

I educated myself more about the law of attraction. And had completely forgotten how I was able to manifest moving out of the shelter by writing things down. And so I began. With more details, I would sit on the couch and write down my house, how I wanted it look, inside and out. And every day I would add more and more. Until last but not least I wrote a date. 09/18/2014 was the day I would move in my home is what I wrote. I would continue on with my day and periodically daydream about walking around this house and cooking and cleaning because I already viewed it and knew how it looked.
Then suddenly I’m walking around my sis house smiling from ear to ear. And the phone rings. This lady ask for me and I didn’t think it was my rental company calling. The call was received on 09/15/2014 she asked me a few questions and then said… would you be able to move in on the 18th. My heart dropped. I became so scared of the fact of how detailed I was about moving and that it actually came true.And to add to this story, I was completely broke with no money no job and I still moved in. I started getting funds to support my manifestation and it has been awesome every since.
Thanks for reading!!!

United States

I am still amazed by my own story!!!

This may be a long one but here it goes. Sooo…it was a Monday. And I felt like crap. Not physically, but mentally and spiritually. So I decided to take a mental health day and not go to work. I tend to feel guilty about not going to work unless I deem the reason “worth it”.

So I was on my laptop looking for ways to get my out of my funk (which has been hovering over me for several weeks). I was looking for therapist, support groups, books….anything that was going to make me feel better about me. I have a husband and two kids and like many other women I developed the bad habit of putting me LAST. For some reason, something sparked in me this day and I was going to put myself FIRST.
After a few hours of research and even a consultation with a therapist, I was already beginning to feel better. Then I stumbled onto a book that on Amazon that I read many years ago. The secret. I had already read the book so I didn’t want to purchase it again, but because I have a prime membership the movie version was free for me to watch. I figured, hey I’m home from work, I can lay here and watch this.

I watched the entire video and was inspired and motivated once again for change. I figured, if all I have to do is think about the good things I want, desire and need, just trying it couldn’t hurt any. If it doesn’t work -no harm, no foul. If it does work – GLORY! At the very least, I figured LOA will help me to focus more on positive thoughts than negative ones.
That very day I made a list telling the universe all the things I want. Also telling the universe that I believe these things are already mine. I realized right away that the power of LOA is in the belief. One of the things I asked for was to receive unexpected money within 30 days. I had a dollar amount of $20,000 attached to that request. In the back of my mind I’m thinking, “YEA RIGHT!” But because I was making a conscious decision to try this LOA thing out, I told myself…it will happen.

And the day moved on. I felt better than I did that morning when I didn’t go to work, so I was already grateful. My husband came home from work I told him what I did all day, including tapping back into LOA. He was happy to see my spirits lifted. Then we went to go pick up the kids together. While we’re in the car he gets a call from this guy who lives in the house my mother use to own. (This guy and my husband are childhood friends and the fact that he and his family now lives in the house I grew up in is pure coincidence…or not **cue twilight zone music**)

The guy says to my husband, “You might want to come by. There seems to be a check here for you.”
Me and my husband were both dumbfounded. A check? No one owes us money. Sure enough, A check was there. In the amount of $2992.20.
I could have passed out right then and there. Seriously. I JUST made my list. I had just started on my LOA experiment. And I got slapped in the face with a check immediately.
I pulled my phone out and showed my husband the list I made and he almost passed out too. It was such a great, rewarding feeling. I know it’s not the 20k I asked for, but I was still overjoyed and grateful and it is a day that has changed my life and my thinking forever.
Ask and you shall receive.

United States

I Beat The Odds With Manifestation

A quick side note. I’m 37 years old and I have been practicing manifestations or LOA from at least elementary school. I never knew what LOA was at that time but whenever I wanted something I would pretend I already had it, and I just would do everything that the LOA teaches people to do to manifest things. ( unknowingly)
Everything that I have in my life now, is everything that I have always wanted in my life, and there is more desires that will manifest in my life.
Now I’m going to tell you about the latest major manifestation that I had to come true last week. My manifestation started one year ago. There is a morning radio show here in the Seattle area that is very popular, in fact it is the most listened to morning show in the area. It has become so successful that they gave away a trip for only 80 winners to Las Vegas. All you had to do is be the 25th caller.
This contest and the trip to Las Vegas was such a fun success that they are repeating this contest this year 2014, the fist contest was in 2013. For the 2013 trip to Las Vegas I did not win. I did not even get through to the station when i called, So many people try to win this contest to travel Vegas and party with the morning crew that the lines are always jammed, and after the 2013 contest ended and I did not win, the first thing I said was, “I’m going to go on this trip next year, I’m going to win the next time they have the contest.” ( That was the start of my manifestation process)
Well one year passed and the station had a huge announcement, ” WHERE GOING TO VEGAS ” The contest was starting again. upon hearing that again, “I said I’M GOING TO BE ON THAT AIRPLANE ” I would call into this contest over and over again. I would use 2 phones at a time, I would have my wife call with me, (she along with other people I knew would never get through to the station all they got were busy lines also) I would block all incoming calls, and end calls when the contest begins, and I would just freaking CALL LIKE CRAZY.

This years i did get through and I was the 22, and the 17th caller. Well I began to think I have already won, things just have to work out so that I get through to be the 25th caller, but I knew I already won the trip. (LOA)
Days and days would go by and I would only get a busy signal when I called into this contest, I even met the morning show host at an event where you could enter a drawing to win the trip, and knowing him he said “I wanted to draw your name from the box,” ( but that didn’t happen). I still did not give up hope, I would wakeup in the morning dreaming about winning this trip to Vegas, and it became more of wanting to not be defeated by not winning than wanting to go on the trip in a sense.( but I still wanted to go badly, well I would say it was equal) the contest was ending soon, almost all the trips were giving out.
I knew I could manifest a win, and I wanted to accomplish this so much that, this almost became my main goal. SO many people has told me that they have not even gotten throw with calling into this contest. On the the occasions where I did get through, they all came at a time where my drive to win decreased and I began to accept whatever happened in my attempt to win, ( but I did not give up) I just thought well I may win or I may not, but I will try. That was the time that I was the 17th, 22nd , and then the 25th caller. I freaking WON. I won when I just began to accept whatever happens mentally.

After winning I looked up how it works when you win a radio station contest and it is sure luck, or in my case manifestation. first your call has to slip in and get the free line, and then on top of that the station may have 5-9 lights that they could choose from to be the correct caller, and out of all the lines with people who got through, they have to choose yours, and It so happen that the producer of the show landed on my call as the 25th caller. This was something I claimed one year ago that I was going to Las Vegas with the radio station the next time they have this contest, and I DID IT. LOA
A know a lot of people wanted to win this contest and they may have call just like I did and won, but what makes me special is that I called it one year ago that I was going to win, and I did. I think I even told the shows host, that i will be going with you guys this year, while I was at that drawing event. Everyone who I told I won could not believe me, but yep I did it with the LOA, and spoken word.. it really does work.

United States

Using LOA on gambling!!!

Hi, my people. I’m a professional gambler at the casinos. LOA does work in casino table games. Whenever I have negative thoughts while playing any games, I will lose straight away. Negative thoughts manifest fast in gambling. So if you want to gamble, make sure you do not have any negative thoughts from the moment you place your bet until the game outcome. You will be amazed ;)
Thank you thank you thank you.. I wish you guys all the best to become a professional gambler and gamble for a living.
Best regards,



I’m sending you this email to thank you for all the help you have given me. Me and my daughter got a perfect shop that we are turning into our hair factory. You are apart of me getting the shop. You told me to say thank you for blessing me with a perfect hair factory, and you told me what to write when the new moon comes out,which I did and this is the results.


I want to thank you again for all the advice you gave me. Thanks to you I managed to open my hair factory after two days of your advice. Today I am blessed with a successful hair factory at the best location and safe place. The LOA works so fast you will be spruced Hope my story will help others believe that the LOA is real.
Thank you and GOD bless you. I would love to meet you personally one day. Thank you Shontel.
Lots of love to you and your family!

South Africa

I Won!!!

I am a Law of Attraction lottery winner who won twice, and I wrote about it in my book titled “Manifest Your Millions: A Lottery Winner Shares his Law of Attraction Secrets.” Don’t give up using the Law of Attraction. It responds to persistence. So never give up, and always visualize. Visualizing is so powerful and helps us receive.

United States

My life had began; but now it’s begun!

Thank you so much for creating this site! means so much thank you. I bookmarked it so i will come back everyday to this read it again what ever i have to i will! Law of attraction is amazing thank you again for this site. Seriously this knowledge is priceless and every person on this planet deserves to know and use the power.
I am that, I am.


Hi Shontel,

Firstly I wanted thank you for the spiritual guidance I receive from your blog.
The advice you have given me to become positive subconsciously really helped me get out of a negative flow of thoughts. After reading the book ‘the power of now’ (Eckhart Tolle) and through ‘the clean program’ (alejandro Junger) I feel much more awake I start to feel and live in the moment. I really would like to connect with my inner-self and what other ways are there except talking to myself in a lucid dream? Have you lucid dreamt?
Also I sometimes fall back into the trap of negativity; like when I am physically sick I feel irritated. When I am in the a really happy state, I worry about losing it then it happens I lose positivity and fall back down in mood.
Well thank you so much for being my company through this epic journey for happiness! Right now I’m on a quite positive state for the last two days… I would like to believe that it is because I attracted health (I threw off a fever of 38.9 degrees in a day :) Basically everything has just gone right for me…. What really helped for me are your tips of self affirmations; I especially love “only good lies before me.”
Searched google for some powerful subliminal affirmations and binaural beats to get myself happy, I don’t know if this whole subliminal and binaural beat is legitimate but again what is legitimacy and what is real; so I would like to believe that it works and I felt better after listening and watching some of the videos :) Cognitive Healing

The website above is another factor that I learned a massive load from; I learned to recognize my negative ego is too a part of me, I just not feel vulnerable because i created it. Only when it emerges I gotta notice and say no. and dwell on the good. (normally I think of being with the girl I’m into… haha or my bright future or the bright of past.)
A crucial key to me came as a epiphany as I recognized and analysed my negative patterns emerging, It started with a bad feeling that; If i feel happy now, it is temporary I will go back to my normality which i could describe as… tense and anxious because thats how i normally am!
Well that stopped as I changed the habit from rationalising happiness as something alike a debt; that i must repay with my own future pain of tense and anxious daily life. Into thanking for the good that has happened, blessing the people that have given me such experience and wish and believe for all the good that has got to come.
Its really true that…. If i believe that good has got to come to me, it really does… Not only by miraculous happenings, but I remember things that I can be happy from, then i get happier then happier.
For example out of nowhere I remember that my parents owe me 1000yuan (approximately 200$ quite a lot for a average sophomore) and will be getting it tomorrow.
I cannot thank you enough :’)
Even that I didn’t meet you I feel ever so close to you, not only because we are all interrelated but you really did listen to what I said and helped me out.
Hope you have a awesome day, Thank you for everything!


Hello Shontel,

I just wanted to give you an update on my progress I’ve been doing so much better and been experiencing so much positivity from the universe since I’ve been meditating and applying LOA on a daily basis, now I’m only human I’ve had my slip ups of negative thinking since its been a bad habit since childhood but I feel so good so positive (I’ve suffered with depression,anxiety,panic attacks and simply being the most negative thinker ever) I want to thank you because if it wasn’t for your web page I don’t think I would be feeling this right now, my mind has been so preoccupied with my visions, positive thinking and feeling good about what I have and what I want etc. I don’t let time for invasive negative thoughts to enter.
I’ve had a few things happen to me that I can only thank the universe for it, its involved money, being at peace, self awareness and love for the first time I don’t feel lost and confused I feel like I’m on the right path finally. I’ve always had visions of accomplishing certain things and life short and long term goals but now I’ve actually written them down and now I’m in visioning them coming to a reality and they will. now don’t get me wrong I have my slight doubts that come up but I cancel those thoughts immediately. I also started my gratitude journal which helps so much I have achieved a high level of gratitude so quickly and this is such a good welcoming change for me for the first time I’m not hung up on the all the things I don’t have and how I will never achieve what I want its the opposite now.

Long Beach, CA


I won the lottery 9 times. I won on 7 scratch offs and 2 powerball tickets and the way that I did it was by staying thankful and grateful. I wrote my gratitude list daily and I sent love and happiness to everyone daily. I got myself feeling really good before I played by meditating as well.
Then I would scratch my ticket or look at my numbers and I would win every time. I did noticed the times when I wasn’t feeling all that great, but was still eager to scratch I did not win.
Which shows me that you cannot trick the universe and and you must feel good to attract good.
The key is staying thankful and grateful for what you have now in your life. Feel good as much as you can and you can get whatever you want.

Manifestation Queen,
Brooklyn, NY


Hello everyone, I want to share my story of how I manifested money this past weekend. I asked the Universe at the beginning of the week for extra money to be sent to me by the end of the week. I didn’t know how the money would come, I just asked then let it go.
About 2 weeks prior to asking for money to come to me in a week. I got a letter from my mortgage company. It was a letter confirming that I made a payment online and I said to myself after remembering what it said in the book the Secret “it sure would be nice to get a check back from my mortgage company” and I laughed and went inside.
Fast forward, 2 weeks later, I checked my mailbox on Saturday, one week after asking for money to come to me in a week there was a letter from my mortgage company. I didn’t think anything about it. I just opened it up and it was a refund from my escrow account for over two thousand dollars. I jumped up and down and thank God and the Universe over and over again. I was so happy. Still Am!!!!!
And to make it even better my mortgage went down $100.00 something I asked for a year ago, but I thought it happen through refinance but this was even better!!!
I say all of this to let people know that LOA is real and since I have been living by it daily, my life has been amazing. I create awesome things daily. Life is great!!!!
Ask, Believe and Receive and you will get all that you want and desire. I believe that with all of my heart and soul!!!!

Desire W.
Atlanta, GA

Thankful and Grateful!

I want to say that I am so grateful to the Universe for manifesting my dream job with my dream salary just at the right time! I can now create anything that I desire and my only ambition in life is to do that which makes me feel good :)
Never Give up, may the force of love be always with you.
I thank you for bringing enlightenment to the world and souls like us through the knowledge of law of attraction and making our lives magical! :) :)

Thanks and Regards,
Shreyasi, India



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