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Hollywood Predestination!

My favorite movies growing up as a kid and teenager included the following:
-Point Break (Surfer FBI Agent)
-Full Metal Jacket (Combat Cameraman in Vietnam)
-Perfect Storm (George Clooney braves the sea)
-Gattica (Ethan Hawke wants to be an astronaut)
-Tombstone (Kurt Russell/Val Kilmer are Sheriff gunslingers and Marshals)
-Bram Stokers Dracula (self explanatory)-

Fast forward to my adult life, since then I have
– became a combat Cameraman for the U.S. Army living in Europe
– lived in Transylvania Romania and toured Dracula’s castle
– Became a Coast Guardsman and gone through some of the deadliest storms hanging on for dear life in various locations
– visited Tombstone Arizona and named my son Marshal
– Currently stationed in Cocoa Beach where I’m learning to surf and watch rockets launch into space multiple times a month.


My life sounds like it came from a movie because it did. I obsessed over movies as a kid and the Universe brought those experiences my way, some I pursued while others just came by accident. The thing about manifestation is that there are no accidents. That is why you need to be careful what you obsess over, do not focus on the negative but instead watch positive movies, listen to positive music etc.
Fair winds and following seas on your journey.

Dan Shoreline


I was always a believer that LOA really exists and I knew for sure that everything I wanted I got.
I repeat, everything I WANTED I REALLY GOT.
I started small, I wasn’t even doing it on purpose, I just found this little secret that you have to imagine yourself doing or having that thing you want to attract.
I am attracting money, I am attracting happiness , there are a lot of stories, but let me story you what made me a believer.
My bestfriend bought a new phone , an amazing phone, I loved it. I had a broken phone, an old one I didn’t like and it wasn’t working properly. I started imagining myself with her phone, I don’t know why, not with a phone like hers, but HER phone in my hands, taking pictures with it, browsing stuff on it, and after a few months she comes up to me out of nowhere and just tells me: you know what, I just bought a new phone, here, have this phone, as a gift from me to you. I was in awe.
This is just a 1% of all the things I manifested.
I am so grateful for ALL THE THINGS I get… The next is the big jackpot at the lottery. I know I have it. I imagine myself with the winning ticket, it’s mine.


Hello Shontel,

Thanks a lot to your motivational website which is helping me to find and discover myself.


Dreams Do Come True!

My life wasn’t going so well for a long period of time. I felt as though everything was falling apart and it was. Everything seemed to change when I was offered the secret from one of my college professors. As I began researching and practicing it I noticed that my life was improving.
It wasn’t until I made the impossible happen that I new it was really working. After my first encounter with the laws power. I began working and focusing my power and generating greater results. In the end GOD along with L.O.A saved my life and I am so grateful for it.

United States

How I attracted my dream job!!!

Hii everyone. I wanted to tell you how law of attraction worked for me a few months back. I have had many small things to share about it but this one is like magic. Around a year ago, I wanted to get a job but I had conditions such as I wanted a job that was nearby to my place say a half an hour distance as I didn’t want to travel, next I wanted two days off that is Saturday and Sunday and it needed to be in a corporate office because I have always been working in hospitality industry. I got many offers of job but none matching to my terms and I was cool about it. Many times sitting at my window I used to watch people waiting for the bus to go to office. And it use to come to me that even I should travel on this bus going to the same place that used to come into my mind. After 2 months I suddenly got a call for a job interview. I don’t know who she was and how she got my number but magically I got the job exactly in the location nearby to my place. I had been looking for Saturday and Sunday off within a reputed corporate office and I am now traveling on the bus that I wanted to. It was like magic. Its now been 8 months and I am happy working there.

Kinjal Shah,


Hi Shontel – How have you been?
Just wanted to let you know that my life is so good. The LOA have been a tremendous change of thought for me. It all seems so natural. I’m working to see how far I can go in understanding beyond the physical. I want to see more!

United States

The Secret Manifested!!

I am a student of the Law of Attraction, and have hosted two LOA podcasts. On top of that, I am a filmmaker, which is my primary focus. I was wondering if you would share some information about my new project with your readers.
As you are familiar with “The Secret,” I am sure you are familiar with the story of Morris E. Goodman, a.k.a. “The Miracle Man.” To refresh your memory, Morris was paralyzed in a plane crash in March of 1981, crushing his spinal cord at C1 & C2, and was unable to move, breathe, swallow or talk. Doctors predicted a grim, short future for him. As it turns out, he used his sheer willpower, positive thinking, and goal setting to make a full recovery, and was able to walk out on his own two feet within eight months.
When I saw his segment in “The Secret,” I was mesmerized! I needed to know more about him, and the more I learned, the brighter my mental light bulb shined – I need to make a dramatic feature film about him!
Within a few weeks, Morris and I spoke on the phone, and he sent me his autobiography, which I read from cover to cover, over and over, taking many, many notes, leading to more and more questions. Two months later, I met Morris in his Virginia Beach home, and added the answers to my questions to my volume of notes, which then I began to adapt into a screenplay.
Now I am ready to bring this film to life. I am in the process of setting up my legal documents and searching for actors – both of which requires development funds. To acquire that, and to raise awareness of the film, I have started a crowdfunding campaign via IndieGoGo –


I would be honored if you could post a blog about the film and the campaign, and share the links via Facebook, Twitter and whatever social networks you may use. I am indeed offering special perks for those who can get others to contribute! (And, of course, you are welcome to make a contribution yourself, if you are so moved! =^D)
Please check out my campaign page, and watch the videos too! I think you will understand that I believe this project is bigger than me, and even bigger than Morris – this is a mission that has been derived and guided by the universe for the benefit of all mankind through the form of entertainment. I believe we have been called to this mission for the greater good. I hope that you answer that call as I have.
Thank you very, very much!

Brian Jude


Hey my name is Ivan & my story may seem very odd, but I cut lawns too make a quick buck’ here and there, and I shipped out with my lawn mower one day, to cut a customers yard, when I came across a brand weed eater (stihl), just laying there in the middle of the road, brand new I could add. I had always been wanting one for the longest to give the customers yard a better look, funny thing is owner was NO where to be found??, and I refuse to be thief, so there you have it. I’m clueless to say where that weed eater had came from, I hope you enjoyed this little tale of mine.

United States

My life had began; but now it’s begun!

Thank you so much for creating this site! means so much thank you. I bookmarked it so i will come back everyday to this read it again what ever i have to i will! Law of attraction is amazing thank you again for this site. Seriously this knowledge is priceless and every person on this planet deserves to know and use the power.
I am that, I am.


Hi Shontel,

Firstly I wanted thank you for the spiritual guidance I receive from your blog.
The advice you have given me to become positive subconsciously really helped me get out of a negative flow of thoughts. After reading the book ‘the power of now’ (Eckhart Tolle) and through ‘the clean program’ (alejandro Junger) I feel much more awake I start to feel and live in the moment. I really would like to connect with my inner-self and what other ways are there except talking to myself in a lucid dream? Have you lucid dreamt?
Also I sometimes fall back into the trap of negativity; like when I am physically sick I feel irritated. When I am in the a really happy state, I worry about losing it then it happens I lose positivity and fall back down in mood.
Well thank you so much for being my company through this epic journey for happiness! Right now I’m on a quite positive state for the last two days… I would like to believe that it is because I attracted health (I threw off a fever of 38.9 degrees in a day :) Basically everything has just gone right for me…. What really helped for me are your tips of self affirmations; I especially love “only good lies before me.”
Searched google for some powerful subliminal affirmations and binaural beats to get myself happy, I don’t know if this whole subliminal and binaural beat is legitimate but again what is legitimacy and what is real; so I would like to believe that it works and I felt better after listening and watching some of the videos :)

The website above is another factor that I learned a massive load from; I learned to recognize my negative ego is too a part of me, I just not feel vulnerable because i created it. Only when it emerges I gotta notice and say no. and dwell on the good. (normally I think of being with the girl I’m into… haha or my bright future or the bright of past.)
A crucial key to me came as a epiphany as I recognized and analysed my negative patterns emerging, It started with a bad feeling that; If i feel happy now, it is temporary I will go back to my normality which i could describe as… tense and anxious because thats how i normally am!
Well that stopped as I changed the habit from rationalising happiness as something alike a debt; that i must repay with my own future pain of tense and anxious daily life. Into thanking for the good that has happened, blessing the people that have given me such experience and wish and believe for all the good that has got to come.
Its really true that…. If i believe that good has got to come to me, it really does… Not only by miraculous happenings, but I remember things that I can be happy from, then i get happier then happier.
For example out of nowhere I remember that my parents owe me 1000yuan (approximately 200$ quite a lot for a average sophomore) and will be getting it tomorrow.
I cannot thank you enough :’)
Even that I didn’t meet you I feel ever so close to you, not only because we are all interrelated but you really did listen to what I said and helped me out.
Hope you have a awesome day,
Thank you for everything!


Believe And You Shall Receive!!!

Hi Shontel, remember I said to you that I want flat abs. I also told you that I believe I will have flat abs. You sent me a message back, Believe and you will receive. The very next morning I saw an advert saying, I am selling all 4 Zumba DVDs (including flat abs dvd) with 2 x dumbbells for R250. What a coincidence. I have now bought it!!! :-) The Law of Attraction really works!!!

Sharon Hughes,
Richards Bay, KwaZulu Natal, South Africa

LOA at Work

Hi all ,I am a firm believer of the LOA, so many things have happened in my life and I just wanted to tell people who are looking for a way out not to give up because when grass starts growing you can’t see it until its well watered,so continue to feed your mind with good and positive thoughts till it matures, it is not a joke it works. Good luck to every one who is looking for love,money and health.

South Africa


I was one of many vying for a limited spot in a highly competitive nursing program in my area. I had done the necessary academic and other work required and applied with many many others. Instead of going the route of my friends who would say, “I hope I get in!” or “What if I don’t get in?!” and worrying until we heard back, I would ‘pray’ to the universe and ask that I get a spot in the program and then did NOT worry, because I BELIEVED that it was already decided I was one of the chosen.
I went about my days and had the belief and feeling that I was already in the program, I made detailed financial and other plans that were necessary as if I was already chosen to be in the year long program. I went on vacation with my partner and when we came back got my acceptance letter! This was over a year ago.
I recently applied to the next step in my career path of applying for the next program which has equally competitive and low percentage of acceptance into, and this time it was even easier! I ‘prayed’ and asked to get into this program, and did so with the utter belief that it was already decided, that I was already going to be in, and planned my life as if I was already chosen, and again, was accepted into that program that I will start in 6 months!
This has been my dream and hope for the last 3 years and it has come true, because I asked, believed and received!

Montana Nurse,
United States

I Beat The Odds With Manifestation

A quick side note. I’m 37 years old and I have been practicing manifestations or LOA from at least elementary school. I never knew what LOA was at that time but whenever I wanted something I would pretend I already had it, and I just would do everything that the LOA teaches people to do to manifest things. ( unknowingly)
Everything that I have in my life now, is everything that I have always wanted in my life, and there is more desires that will manifest in my life.
Now I’m going to tell you about the latest major manifestation that I had to come true last week.

My manifestation started one year ago. There is a morning radio show here in the Seattle area that is very popular, in fact it is the most listened to morning show in the area. It has become so successful that they gave away a trip for only 80 winners to Las Vegas. All you had to do is be the 25th caller.
This contest and the trip to Las Vegas was such a fun success that they are repeating this contest this year 2014, the fist contest was in 2013. For the 2013 trip to Las Vegas I did not win. I did not even get through to the station when i called, So many people try to win this contest to travel Vegas and party with the morning crew that the lines are always jammed, and after the 2013 contest ended and I did not win, the first thing I said was, “I’m going to go on this trip next year, I’m going to win the next time they have the contest.” ( That was the start of my manifestation process)
Well one year passed and the station had a huge announcement, ” WHERE GOING TO VEGAS ” The contest was starting again. upon hearing that again, “I said I’M GOING TO BE ON THAT AIRPLANE ”

I would call into this contest over and over again. I would use 2 phones at a time, I would have my wife call with me, (she along with other people I knew would never get through to the station all they got were busy lines also) I would block all incoming calls, and end calls when the contest begins, and I would just freaking CALL LIKE CRAZY.

This years I did get through and I was the 22, and the 17th caller. Well I began to think I have already won, things just have to work out so that I get through to be the 25th caller, but I knew I already won the trip. (LOA)
Days and days would go by and I would only get a busy signal when I called into this contest, I even met the morning show host at an event where you could enter a drawing to win the trip, and knowing him he said “I wanted to draw your name from the box,” ( but that didn’t happen). I still did not give up hope, I would wakeup in the morning dreaming about winning this trip to Vegas, and it became more of wanting to not be defeated by not winning than wanting to go on the trip in a sense.( but I still wanted to go badly, well I would say it was equal) the contest was ending soon, almost all the trips were giving out.

I knew I could manifest a win, and I wanted to accomplish this so much that, this almost became my main goal. SO many people has told me that they have not even gotten throw with calling into this contest. On the the occasions where I did get through, they all came at a time where my drive to win decreased and I began to accept whatever happened in my attempt to win, ( but I did not give up) I just thought well I may win or I may not, but I will try. That was the time that I was the 17th, 22nd , and then the 25th caller. I freaking WON. I won when I just began to accept whatever happens mentally.
After winning I looked up how it works when you win a radio station contest and it is sure luck, or in my case manifestation. first your call has to slip in and get the free line, and then on top of that the station may have 5-9 lights that they could choose from to be the correct caller, and out of all the lines with people who got through, they have to choose yours, and It so happen that the producer of the show landed on my call as the 25th caller. This was something I claimed one year ago that I was going to Las Vegas with the radio station the next time they have this contest, and I DID IT. LOA
A know a lot of people wanted to win this contest and they may have call just like I did and won, but what makes me special is that I called it one year ago that I was going to win, and I did. I think I even told the shows host, that i will be going with you guys this year, while I was at that drawing event. Everyone who I told I won could not believe me, but yep I did it with the LOA, and spoken word.. it really does work.

United States

Broken from a Breakup

I have to tell you, I have just stumbled across your site and it has literally saved me. I have been feeling so down in the last two weeks since the breakup and reading your site & following the advice has released the emptiness I was feeling inside. I am happy and positive and looking towards the future today and yesterday I was crying in my bed, unable to get up and having panic attacks and a near psychotic break ( awkwaardd lol ) I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me! Thank you!!

United States

Cruising Right Along!

Shontel, Thanks for the reply to my previous story…but I have yet another one for your readers. In January I wrecked my car..(it went dancing with a tree)and have up until 4 weeks ago been driving a friends spare vehicle. Well the budget I had and the car I wanted were not melding up so I continued my search for a car that would…all the time still knowing what I really wanted. Three times I went to look at vehicles that would “do.” After the third deal fell through, I got back online the next morning and there, the very first ad on CL, was the truck I wanted and in my price range. I made the call immediately and made arrangements to meet the owner the next day. Now the other times before someone had come with cash and the owners sold it before I could get there. The owner of my vehicle did not, even called the next day to ensure I was on my way. I arrived and the vehicle was in almost NEW condition!! The interior looked like it had never been sat in and the exterior other than very very minor ping, looked like a vehicle that was maybe 3 years old…and it is 15 years old. Very low miles and at the time was a $28k vehicle. I tell this story to everyone and those who see it can’t believe it. I can.

United States

Universal Family

I wanted to share another story of truly powerful LOA. About 3 years ago, for some unknown reason, it became very important that I find my 3 half-siblings. My dad had left me and my 4 other siblings when I was an infant and we never had anything to do with him. We moved to the opposite end of the state and lived our life with my step-father. But it became important to me. So I began from scratch trying to track down anyone who may have known where they were. I knew one of the kids had been adopted at infancy by the child’s aunt. I had met the two when they were prob 4 and 6 but I being 21 at the time, had just found my father…and met his kids, so I was a bit overwhelmed. I did not maintain a relationship with him and my life moved forward. So one day my twin brother sends me a link to spokeo.com which I had never heard about and my twin and I don’t speak that often..just randomly he called me to ask if I had heard about it. I signed up, searched for my dad’s name and low and behold I found him. I made the call and after not speaking for 20 years it was odd to say the least, but he was able to give me the number to a cousin of his who keeps in touch with the kids. They had all been adopted and were living in East Tn, not 4 hours from me!!! In the process, me and my family ,living in Nebraska, now have a relationship with my Aunt and her children as well. I got to speak with my dad a few more times over that year and he passed away shortly thereafter. He didn’t do right by us as a father, but his part was to ensure that we were brought together before he passed. That is the power of the LOA!!

United States

p.s. The Universe just thanked me…the captia I have to enter is the same name as the town I lived in during college and where I have many fond memories. :)

Hello Shontel,

I just wanted to give you an update on my progress I’ve been doing so much better and been experiencing so much positivity from the universe since I’ve been meditating and applying LOA on a daily basis, now I’m only human I’ve had my slip ups of negative thinking since its been a bad habit since childhood but I feel so good so positive (I’ve suffered with depression,anxiety,panic attacks and simply being the most negative thinker ever) I want to thank you because if it wasn’t for your web page I don’t think I would be feeling this right now, my mind has been so preoccupied with my visions, positive thinking and feeling good about what I have and what I want etc. I don’t let time for invasive negative thoughts to enter.
I’ve had a few things happen to me that I can only thank the universe for it, its involved money, being at peace, self awareness and love for the first time I don’t feel lost and confused I feel like I’m on the right path finally. I’ve always had visions of accomplishing certain things and life short and long term goals but now I’ve actually written them down and now I’m in visioning them coming to a reality and they will. now don’t get me wrong I have my slight doubts that come up but I cancel those thoughts immediately. I also started my gratitude journal which helps so much I have achieved a high level of gratitude so quickly and this is such a good welcoming change for me for the first time I’m not hung up on the all the things I don’t have and how I will never achieve what I want its the opposite now.

Long Beach, CA

Making Life Easy!

I was quite disappointed and a low confidence person few years back. When i got notice with LOA and i was trying to practicing this from that period my life is completely change. Now i am completely satisfied with myself and others. My financial position is good and its become better day by day. Happiness comes in my life from various channels. And i make my world as i want. So thanks to teach about LOA to everyone.




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