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    The power of the mind along with the Law of Attraction is very powerful and if used correctly you can use them to attract all that you want and desire. Our thoughts begin in our conscious mind and whatever we truly believe will move into our subconscious mind.

    The subconscious mind is like your magic genie and it will accept anything that you feed to it and it will carry out your every wish. So whatever you consistently think about whether it is real or imagined your subconscious mind will accept it is as the truth and it will find a way to bring to you whatever it is that you desire.

    If you say to yourself, I have a feeling this is going to be a bad day, your subconscious mind along with Law of Attraction will see to it that you attract to you all the things and circumstances to ensure that your day go as badly as you believed that it would be. Or, if you consistently tell yourself that you are broke and you do not have the money to go on vacation, buy a new car or purchase the home of your dreams your subconscious mind will believe your words and those things will be kept away from you.

    You are what you think and your subconscious mind act as your magic genie and your wish is its every command. So be mindful of what you are thinking and wishing for unless you truly want it to come into your existence.

    See yourself with whatever it is that you want. Let that picture sink into your subconscious mind by picturing or saying exactly what you want continuously with feeling. Because with the power of the mind you can have whatever it is that you want.

    If you wish to be wealthy, create a mental picture; see yourself living in luxury, see yourself in the most expensive stores paying cash for the things that you like, living in the mansion of your dreams and driving the car that you would like to drive.

    The mental pictures that you let sink into to your subconscious mind will determine your vibration and once you get emotionally involved in the images of what you want, you will be sending out strong vibrations into the universe and with the Law Of Attraction you will attract to you all the things to that you need in order to fulfill the mental pictures that you are feeding into your subconscious mind. So as you go through life figuring out what you want and do not want, your subconscious mind along with the Law of Attraction will provide you with the necessary avenues or ideas that are needed in order to attract to you all things that you desire into your life.

    Here is an awesome book that goes into great detail on how to attract what you what by using the power of the subconscious mind.

    Here is a video excerpt from the book the Power Of Your Subconscious Mind explaining how to use the power of your mind to attract what you want.



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