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With Light and Love,


Manifested the Impossible

Hi Guys,
Me and my boyfriend were in relationship for about 5yrs..our families decided to talk to each other for our marriage…when my family knew that my boyfriend was from other caste and religion they gave clear rejection that i should not marry him and ceased my phone and forced me to leave my job and started looking for alliance from various places and made me sit at home…we both were so broken and didn’t knew what to do….my life changed totally when i came across law of attraction principles…i feel so grateful and thankful that how LOA has changed my life…I used to visualize twice a day after waking up and night before sleep that how we both are getting married to each other with our parents acceptance and apart from that…i used affirmations used to watch success stories practice guided meditation etc…and the main thing was i let it go and was patiently waiting….i still can’t believe how things changed and after few months my family finally agreed for our marriage in spite of issues like caste religion etc…now am getting married to my love…Thanks to the universe god all the life coaches who taught us LOA….my only advice to all who is undergoing same situation believe in the divine power within yourself and trust the process….Thanks for reading my story…good vibes


Too Rapid

I had this girlfriend I loved so much but she was so jumpy and used to cheat alot. So one day she fell sick and left school for treatment, so I decided to use the law of attraction to stop her cheating stance. For just one night I kept visualising and imagining a changed version of her, I also did alot of affirmations. I just fell asleep in the process. After two days she returns to school and as we were chatting, she says she has got something to tell me. She says her life will change from then on because the night before, she had a strong inspiration to change her life. I was mesmerized and could not believe it. Since then I strongly believe in the law of attraction. Thank you Shontel for this platform.


Sounds like Miracles!

I saw him in office he is very smart. I never thought that I would actually attract him. I had a crush on him and wanted to be his friend he is tall, fair and and a handsome gentleman. I wanted him to be my friend so I started visualizing us laughing together and talking on phone and within a week he pinged me I don’t know where he got my name from but yes it is amazing. He said he was interested in me for a long time but never said anything. We are currently very good friends and we share our secrets. We stay in contact on whatsapp. It is incredible to be his friend and most of all he is great.
Thank you so much for this lovely friend,


Attracting Someone! I would like to say I attracted some guy into my life. I saw him on Instagram and he was so cute. I said to myself, this guy will be my friend and he will talk to me so I visualized us talking on the phone sending each other messages it really felt good. It felt as if it was happening already.
After just 3 days he searched for me on Facebook and sent me a message into my inbox giving me his phone number and asking to add him on my contacts so we could talk on whatsapp. I did that and we started talking the things are happening right now are exactly the way I was imagining that we talk hours on the phone. It just feels like we have known each other from way back.


Manifesting my ex boyfriend back!

I just want to thank Shontel for the advice she has given me on manifesting my relationship back with my ex. Her methods work. I stay positive and think positive and I get positive results. My ex and I have been broken up for two years but still deal with each other. I was so afraid of losing him permanently that all of my fears were becoming my reality. I came across this website and asked Shontel a couple of questions. I put her advice to use and have gotten a couple of positive results. There were some days that had not spoken to my love, and as I wrote in my journal my desires and positive affirmations, and asked the universe for my love to call so I can hear his voice and tell him I love him. About three days later, he came to my house. I was very surprised to see him. I was able to tell him I love him in person and received the same words in return. Never give up on your desires and wishes. If you feel that you and your ex are meant to be, go for it. My ex and I have history together, a total of six years. I tried to let go and move on but I just found my way back to him. So I guess this is the universe telling me that we are meant to be and to not give up. I had to do some changes within myself as well. I had to expel all negative thoughts to get rid of the negative energy and vibes. The more love you send out to the person you love and to the universe, the more love you receive in with positive energy as well. And these things combined will create a loving vibration that will attract your love back into your life. Thank you again Shontel for the advice you have given me.

United States

Got My Love Back!

Hello every one. I am very happy to share this with everyone. I believe in LOA and I have seen miracles happening in my life. Just 10 days ago, I decided to use LOA to get my love back to me. I read a few books on manifesting love and a lot of helpful blogs. It worked for me,I focused on getting him back. I sent love to him several times a day and visualized our happy relationship. Just after doing this for 10 days, I got a call from my guy and he wanted to meet me. It’s magical and I love using LOA for everything I want. I would like to say this to every1 who want their love back that don’t give up,believe in yourself and LOA and be as happy as you can be. Happiness is the only way to make your dreams come true. This valentine week has got my love back. Hope you all get your love back too.


I Manifested the Man of My Dreams!

If you’re single, I hope to inspire you. And if you’re skeptical that a proper match for you is even out there—all the better. I didn’t actually believe there was a man alive who could embody all the traits I was seeking. I had a LONG list of requirements for Mr. Right On (which is actually a great thing, so don’t let anyone tell you that you’re too picky!) and I wasn’t about to settle for Mr. Just Okay. I’d done plenty of that already in my 45 years of living, and I’d rather be single and happy than settle for less than ideal.
What I discovered is that it wasn’t necessary to believe that he existed. It was only necessary for me to stop “actively disbelieving.” I made my own happiness the priority, and that way I was no longer focused on the lack of a Man in my life. I decided to live a happy life and make the most of every situation. I would visualize sometimes when I felt really good. For example, since I wanted a man who likes dancing, I would go out to social dance events and just dance with anyone but pretend it was MY man. I would take a walk around my town, see happy couples holding hands, smile and imagine I had MY man with me, holding my hand. Later on after I met him, I was walking on those same streets literally holding hands with Man of My Dreams, and it was uncanny how it felt the same. I created a deja vu in waking life!
So all this LOA stuff definitely works, but it really hinges on you feeling good first. Your state of being is most important, so learn how to use your Emotional Guidance System and you’ll be on your way to HookedUp City! I’ve written a few books about this subject to help re-mind you of how the process works in fun ways and angles you may not have encountered elsewhere. Check out “How I Met the Man of My Dreams: a Guide to Manifesting Yours” if you’re interested.
Wouldn’t it be great if everyone in the world was in Love?!

Debbianne DeRose,
North Carolina

Living LOA

I came across the idea of the law of attraction about a year ago and since then my skills have been getting better. I realized that I had used the LOA to manifest money as a kid after reading about the LOA on a website. I wrote my story to the site and got a reply, that is what made me believe even more that the LOA is true. Since then I have manifested a $30,000 cheque, my girlfriend, a trip, and I’ve also manifested people in my life that I wanted to see again.
There are so many stories I have and I think that by seeing the signs and paying attention to them and believing that they are real signs is the key to getting everything you desire.


I manifested him to respond!

My boyfriend and I broke up a few months ago after being in a relationship for 1.5 years. I will leave the long and boring details out. It’s been a very painful break for me, as it was unexpected and didn’t make sense to me and I still love him. He was going through a traumatic time and felt he needed to be alone and, he felt that we needed to end our relationship. We talked a few times and then he seemed confused about what to do. Wanted to leave the door open, yet never checked in once with me. I was the one who was trying to convince him that we can make things work. I stopped contacting him and not a word from him.
Anyway, I have been writing in my journal as if we are still together. I have been picturing e-mails/texts coming in from him using the words I would like to hear. I had the TV on two nights ago, and happened to look up right when a young woman was looking at her computer screen to see a message coming in from her ex boyfriend which said “Hi. Can you talk?” As her eyes popped open wide, another message came on screen “I miss you.” Then she sat there for a minute and smiled and then wrote back “I miss you too.” I felt that it was a sign, since I asked for one. It was what I was picturing for myself. The next day, I wrote in my journal and thanked him for contacting me and then pictured a message coming in from him all day long. I was in the shower thinking of him thinking of me. When I got out, I checked my computer for something else, and there it was…. a message from him. He said he wanted to say hello and hoped that I am doing well and to take care and to keep in touch. I, still hurt and bewildered, decided to respond positively and wrote pretty much the same back to him, and ending it with take care. I hope to hear from him again. If there is to be anything with us again, it will have to be a fresh new beginning and he will need to be the one initiating it, as I have already tried to save us from where we are now. We never really argued much, but we had other issues that we needed to work through. I just think the timing was off for both of us.
I do believe you can manifest your desires. Just believe! Wow, it was pretty amazing to see that message pop up and I do not believe it was a coincidence.
I will continue picturing us as if we are still a couple. I will follow up if anything else happens.


Angel waiting in the wings

Shontel, I do believe in the Law of Attraction, and though at times I struggle focusing and remembering to practice each day, I do have a manifestation to share with you. Earlier this year, about Feb, I was with a friend on her back deck and we were discussing relationships. I have been single for nearly 12 years, yet I wasn’t complaining, I have a very full life with amazing friends and family. However, I happened to mention to her that I was ready for a relationship and that I would like to begin my 40th year with a partner. She agreed. That was about all that was said. A few months after, was speaking with my sister and she randomly brought up that she really wished I would find someone, that we were not meant to be alone. To which I replied, “Amy, I am happy.” At the end of May, I had a friend, whom I don’t speak with often, contacted me about wanting to buy some furniture from me. We set up a time to meet and she had her girlfriend with her and we got talking about how I needed to meet her friend Brian. Long story, longer…he and I began talking over the phone and Facebook within a day of them introducing us via Facebook. He and I hit it off immediately…we have very similar views on morals, life choices and our humor is uncannily familiar. I texted him every morning as I rose earlier than he..and one morning I texted and said, “good morning, Dimples.” Why I called him that is beyond me..I don’t use the word…ever…and he doesn’t have dimples. He texted me back and said..”did I ever tell you my grandmother’s name was Dimple and everyone called her Dimples?” Which he never did. The last story I will share is Brian had a serious car wreck about 6 weeks ago and though he wasn’t injured, it spun into a major infection and he had to be hospitalized for 6 weeks…prior to all that, I went to pick him up at his house (his truck was totaled) and his roommate greeted me, as Brian was finishing getting ready, and as I stood in the living room, I noticed beyond Doug (roommmate) on the wall were two prints by Brian Andreas. I was so SHOCKED!!! Nobody I have EVER known knows of that artist. He said the exact same thing, and the fact I knew the artist by name. (,..highly recommend it!!) Here is the real goosebump inducer. My first print I bough was at a garage sale with my very best friend and it was titled, “Wheelbarrow.” “This is my wheelbarrow filled with all of my clothes and my favorite things. Now I just need someone to help me push it.” Now tell me the universe hasn’t conspired to bring me this amazing man? I envision a very long and happy relationship with him… And though we have had a slight rough patch, due to a misunderstanding and too many spoons stirring the pot,…I believe when he is out of the hospital and recovering..our life is going to be magical. Thanks for the website and your positive force on this earth.
Love and Blessings to you.

United States

LOA at Work

It is great that you are sharing this with all the people in the world. It has helped me to the fullest. I got the desired partner of my life. She’s the perfect girl for me and our relationship is going great. I will surely share this with my friends.
This law is awesome. Believe in it guys. i have got the most out of it.

A guy from India.

LOA Baby!

I have always been big on law of attraction especially as a child as my mom has instilled into me that I was born through the law of attraction. My mom is half Arab with dark hair and fairly dark skin, she was bullied at school and decided one day unbeknown to her she was using the law of attraction. She decided her daughter was going to have blonde hair white skin and white socks (strange as the sock May seemed they mattered! Detail matters) she imagined this and really believed it as children do being innocent and not conditioned into certain beliefs. Well any way my mom grew up and forgot all about this visualization she used to have. Later a life changing event occurred she was told she would never have children, something inside was wrong and it wasn’t possible. My mom told me she just didn’t believe the doctor, as a 16 year girl she had the belief and strength to say I will have children and I already know what my daughter will look like. She had faith and just carried on like normal like she hadn’t been told that news as it wasn’t true. By 20 my mom had met someone and by mistake one month found out she was expecting! So young not trying specifically it just happened as she knew it. Forgetting this altogether as she had the daughter she knew she had years past and one day she was doing the usual school run having had a son 3 years after me she told me she dropped us off and looked at me going in to school and it dawned on her! She was looking at the exact same image she had imagined as a child, my face looking back my blonde hair and white skin and to top it off white socks! Even the background was the same. My mom was blown away with what she had manifested and only realized it truly years later. She knew she had put the socks on Me and brushed my hair but looking at that image and aligning it to what she had asked for was life changing for her. She has 3 children and now 2 grand children happy day.

United Kingdom

How I went from Nothing to Everything!

I am a performing arts student who used to suffer with severe depression i always attracted people who were out to hurt and blame and i was suffering with bulimia not long after my mum and dads divorce i was going through a rough time after by brother leaving and i had this image from very young i will end up lonely it got to the point were it was a struggle to smile and what i didn’t know was i was creating my reality i was giving commands of what i didn’t want into my life because i was focusing strongly on them my friends turned against me nearly my whole family broke up and most importantly i didn’t love who i was and even though i knew about the law of attraction i was using it to help others and not myself so i decided to stop in my tracks and care for me the more i loved me the more everyone else did the more i stopped paying attention to the influences i didn’t want but were inflicted upon me the more i payed attention on what i wanted the more i receive if i focused good thoughts on money id have five pound notes appear from absolutely no where ! This is a fact everything is an illusion we just need to be in harmony with the natural forces of the universe allow the universe to flow through you unrestricted. I focused on my dream body and I’m now a healthy size ten through being bulimic tho i gained weight because i feared gaining weight now I’m happy with who i am and felt like that from the start of the process to feeling the same way now my dream lover is Zac Efron and i have fantasied about being with him since a kid even down to having his child. But i know we can be together because I’m still on that process and need to focus on the relationship with myself also iv already manifested the relationship we would have it would be beautiful .. graceful… we both love the same things in life and i realize he could help me in some aspects in life i don’t need him to complete me I’m already complete but i want him he is my greatest desire and like anything I’ve attracted it can be him too i love the way i leave love notes for him and how he would appreciate me and love me deeply and imagining all of this and acting upon it sounds mad! But its soo worth it with the out come when I’m with him i see a future and that’s important so make up your mind and create your reality I’m so grateful for whoever is reading this and gains passion out of this to god bless you all.

Love Sophie xoxoxo,
United Kingdom

The Simple Thought of a Truck in a Driveway

I strongly believe in the Law of Attraction, and what has happened to me in this past weekend, has made me believe in it even more than I could imagine. This story is a negative side of the Law of Attraction, but it still proves the point that LOA is a real thing in this world, at least to me.
I met this really handsome guy about a year and a half ago. I did not really like him too much at first and thought it was weird that he appeared in my life, because I did not ask for him or need him. Well, he swept me off my feet and I began to really like him. After hanging out for a while, I saw that we had our differences and couldn’t really see us being together. I still wanted to try, but I didn’t show him that and we ended up stopping after 4 months.

I had another boyfriend after him and was living with him for a while, when I realized that I moved a little too quick with him. My friend who was moving out of her dorm building soon had met this random girl that I could live with while I waited for her to move out of the dorms. I met this random girl and she was beautiful and a great girl. We all got a place together.
One day when I was talking with my other roommate about the handsome guy, the new girl mentioned that she knew him. As soon as she did this, I got this instant intuition that her and the handsome guy would one day end up talking. I guess we could call this my fear. I literally visioned seeing his truck in my driveway.
Well on Friday, I came home for lunch with my friend (who just so happened to run in to me and I randomly invited her to my house, thank goodness.) and found something unbelievable. I saw the handsome guys truck in my driveway. I was in absolute shock. I visioned this and its exactly what happened.
I went inside, my head was empty (in a bad way) and went back towards my room to see the two of them on her bed. They are talking, I suppose, and I am genuinely happy for them, but I am so uncomfortable with the situation, but its only if he’s at my house.
The point I’m trying to make is that that one thing that I had feared so badly was so strong that I literally attracted it to myself, and I know this. The Law of Attraction is a very powerful thing, and I want to turn around from this and use it to heal myself and make me feel better.

North Carolina

I’ve manifested my perfect mate!

I have been visualizing for the perfect man for the past 2 months. I feel it has manifested, the exact circumstances have manifested such as: his Apartment, Hair, Nationality, Religion, Accent, Car, Personality, and desires. Everything I have visualized has finally manifested.


I asked and I got him back!

Hey Shontel, Thanks alot for your help previously. On your advice I made a list of qualities that I wanted in my bf and now I am in the most awesome relationship with my prefect guy. I visualised a man who would always keep me happy. And I got one :)


I got my ex back with the use of LOA!

Hi Shontel
Me and my ex are back together thanks to your amazing tips! We are starting a fresh. I am staying positive now! What helped me the most was knowing that if I sent him light and love every day he would feel the vibrations. Having to let go was the hardest part, however knowing that if I did that there could be a chance of us getting back together made me do it.

I stayed positive and happy throughout the 4 weeks of our break up, stayed away from him and everyday I thanked the universe for everything I have and also for the love that we shared. All of this wasn’t easy but I knew I had to do it.
It has changed my life for the better, we are now really happy, still madly in love with each other and our relationship has changed for the better.
Now it is time for me to stay happy, to love my relationship and look forward to the future.
Thank you so much Shontel, for all the help and support you have given me.
I will keep you updated on our relationship.
Thanks again. With light and love,

Manchester, UK

Broken from a Breakup

I have to tell you, I have just stumbled across your site and it has literally saved me. I have been feeling so down in the last two weeks since the breakup and reading your site & following the advice has released the emptiness I was feeling inside. I am happy and positive and looking towards the future today and yesterday I was crying in my bed, unable to get up and having panic attacks and a near psychotic break ( awkwaardd lol ) I cannot thank you enough for what you have done for me! Thank you!!

United States

Universal Family

I wanted to share another story of truly powerful LOA. About 3 years ago, for some unknown reason, it became very important that I find my 3 half-siblings. My dad had left me and my 4 other siblings when I was an infant and we never had anything to do with him. We moved to the opposite end of the state and lived our life with my step-father. But it became important to me. So I began from scratch trying to track down anyone who may have known where they were. I knew one of the kids had been adopted at infancy by the child’s aunt. I had met the two when they were prob 4 and 6 but I being 21 at the time, had just found my father…and met his kids, so I was a bit overwhelmed. I did not maintain a relationship with him and my life moved forward. So one day my twin brother sends me a link to which I had never heard about and my twin and I don’t speak that often..just randomly he called me to ask if I had heard about it. I signed up, searched for my dad’s name and low and behold I found him. I made the call and after not speaking for 20 years it was odd to say the least, but he was able to give me the number to a cousin of his who keeps in touch with the kids. They had all been adopted and were living in East Tn, not 4 hours from me!!! In the process, me and my family ,living in Nebraska, now have a relationship with my Aunt and her children as well. I got to speak with my dad a few more times over that year and he passed away shortly thereafter. He didn’t do right by us as a father, but his part was to ensure that we were brought together before he passed. That is the power of the LOA!!
p.s. The Universe just thanked me…the captia I have to enter is the same name as the town I lived in during college and where I have many fond memories. :)

United States



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